Coding the capture of a Capital territory?

  • The background:
    I have written a PC computer program that calculates the total IPC income for each nation as you update the PC map with the territories controlled to match that on your board game. (see link - 1942 2nd ed)
    link to post In1942
    There currently is no accounting for the loss of a nation’s capital in this code. (I figured people would know they could not collect that income.)

    The question:
    Would I correctly follow the board game rules if I have the nation’s IPC income turn to zero when the capital territory falls to an opposing nation? If the capital territory was liberated by the original owner nation or a friendly nation, it would again show the total IPC income of that nation. (program already keep track of liberated territory return IPC to the original owner)

    To be clear, this program just adds up a nation’s IPC total income from territories to determine income for that turn. It does not keep track of cash held by any nation, player.

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