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Bidding with OOB Rules

  • Hey Guys,

    When playing competitively and using the OOB set up, what bid/bid range do people believe the Allies need to balance this game?

    Alternatively was there a set up variant which balanced the game where no bid was used?

    Thanks heaps, hoping to brush the dust off this version as it is one of my favourites.

  • Official Answers

    A bid of 24 to 25 VPs required for Japan to win usually results in a balanced game.  Blind bidding with a tie resolved randomly works well.

    There is no “balanced” setup variant that I’m aware of, but it’s important to use the modified setup from the FAQ.

  • Thanks mate.

    I think the set up from the FAQ was what I was thinking of. After posting I also found Saburo Sakai’s recommendation of using the OOB set up, 24 VPs for Japanese Victory and giving the Allies an extra 12-16 IPCs to spend on turn one.

    My group hasn’t had many plays of this version and to keep it in rotation keeping it as balanced as possible is a priority.

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