Official rule question on defending plane movement off Damaged Carrier

  • Hi,

    Rules clarification question on where planes can land when their carrier is damaged or destroyed and they are defending.

    1.  Page 31 of the Pacific rules states.  Land on the same carrier if possible.  If that carrier is destroyed or damaged in combat they must try to land:

    a.  On a different friendly carrier in the same sea zone

    b.  Move 1 space to a friendly carrier

    c.  Move 1 space to a friendly territory

    or be destroyed.

    2.  Page 28 states.  When flying to an island group, count the surrounding sea zone and the island group itself as 1 space each.

    3.  Page 21 states.  These units are allowed movement of up to one space to find a friendly territory or carrier upon which to land.

    4.  Our discussion revolves around what does it mean to “find a friendly territory”?  Do we effectively treat them as if they have a movement of 1 remaining and that is it or can they move to a sea zone then land on a island in that sea zone?

    5.  Illustrating an example, the three parts of the rules when combined leads me to believe the following are true for a carrier damaged or destroyed in sea zone 36 assuming all island groups and territories are friendly:

    a.  The planes could land on:

    (1).  Another friendly carrier with space in sea zone 36 (same sea zone) or sea zones 20, 35, 37 or 43 sea zones, one sea zone away.

    (2).  The planes could land on Hainan, Kwangsi and FIC (the island and territories within 1 movement space of sea zone 36).

    b.  The planes could not land on:

    (1). Siam, Malaya, Shan State, Kwangtung or Kiangsi as that would have them moving 2 spaces, into another sea zone then on to a territory.

    (2).  Formosa, Philippines, Borneo as that would have them moving one space into the adjacent sea zone then another space onto an island.

    Thank you for taking the time to confirm the above or provide the correct alternate answer.

  • That sounds like the way i understand the rules. Moving to an adjacent sea zone then moving to a land territory in that sea zone is 2 moves. Therefore not allowed.

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