One network gets it right?Drops All News Shows…$$$$


    Granted BET ain’t ABC, cBS, or NBC, but they made a decision based on the bottom line…
    or the viewership line.  Which due to advertising works out to about the same thing.

    What? They don’t want to edgykate de bros about the evils of W, Republicans, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice and Clarence Thomas??

    I seem to recall one or more of the major networks going through financial struggles and having to cut the budget so the news wasn’t such a drag on the bottom line$$$$.

    And now we may soon have Perky Katie Kouric(sp?) taking the anchor news_reader_ chair @ one network and the Survivor Celebrity Newstarget(who was set up for an assassination attempt by his own network) taking another news_reader_ chair.

    More big money to a losing cause.
    Just like Leno($14M/year) and Letterman($17M/year.)

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