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    March, 2007:

    On the rainy evening of November 16, 2006, PC Gamer’s mission to save the souls of console gamers everywhere claimed another victory.  Armed with a top-of-the-line Falcon Northwest in the name of the PC Gamer Army of Righteousness, we set out ot show the wayward flock waiting in line for a crack at purchasing a PlayStation 3 what awesome gaming power REALLY looks like!

    Not content merely to shatter the illusions of PS3 fanboys on the eve of the console’s launch with Oblivion, Need for Speed: Carbon, and FEAR running at 2560X1600, we offered to hand over the $7,500 rig to some of teh first people ion line who would agree, in writing, to never purchase a PS3 or allow a PS3 to be purchased for him or her.

    Not surprisingly, PC Gamer had to contend with a bum rush of (former) console goobs all eager to sign away their right to own the PS3’s Cell processor (Zzzzz….) and Blu-ray drive (anyone hearing those crickets?).  Chosen by andom drawing (or, if you prefer, a higher power) was Neal Chung-Yee, who, under the watchful eye of a notary public, made his pleduge to cross over from the dark side.

    As part of the “enforcement” portion of our contract, Neal agreed to submit to UN Style spot inspections by the PC Gamer staff several times a year.  During these inspections, we’ll be looking for the unmistakable traces left behind by PlayStation 3 ownders, including, but not limited to: a Speak’n’Spell, Solid Snake-themed flannel sheet sets, Ritalin, framed portraits of Ken Kutaragi, a Blu-ray disc of Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion, bed-wetting, “X-Ray specs,” Ovaltine, and, of course, a vague and lingering feeling of regret.

    But our work is never done, and we continue to scour the Earth looking for the fallen and restoring to them the real meaning of “high-definition” and “next-generation gaming.”

  • 2007 AAR League

    Wow what cool guys.
    I would take the money and just buy XBox 360 and/or the Wii.
    Not that many games come out only on PS3.

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