• If someone puts a complex in India in the first turn without any additional defenses, the Japanese would have no problem taking it. If you do add additional british and russian defenses, in theory you can hold it. I fought a Great Britain that did this, but it really didn’t seem to help him. by the time he was able to counterattack in asia without leaving india with too little defenses, I had almost every part of Asia as Japan, so if anything, he wasted valuable russian fighters, and british IPCs.

    does anyone know how to stop a japan like that?

    another thing…if japan buys a complex and transport in turn one, what is your opinion on that? any pros or cons?

  • How about this:

    R1 attack MAN with 2 INF, 1 ARM SFE, 3 INF YAK, 1 FGT (Rus-CHI) vs 3 INF, 1 FGT. 2 INF EVE to YAK/NOVO.
    UK1 2INF from AES and SYR to IND via TRN, ARM to PER, IC in IND.
    Maybe think about 2 INF, 1 FGT IND to KWA (caught me out rather well)
    J1 Retake MAN, might go for CHI or IND, doing all three would be going too thin. Pearl also might be rather tricky.
    US1 fleet sails away into the sunrise, and build IC in SIN, retake IND if taken.

    By taking out enough INF in T1, JAP is slowed down enough so that the IC’s have enough time to be effective. 5 ARM per turn is quite tricky to hold off.

    Downside is no ATL fleet until UK2, and Germany running riot.

    Might work?

  • if you use bidding (and you must for russia unrestricted), you can prevent a russian attack by putting three jap inf in manchuria.

  • Just my playing style, but I regard the Atlantic theater as being the more important front. So all my UK resources would go to making sure that Germany goes down hard.

  • Britain can keep it if they were to use their transport to block the japaneese Transport in the Philis. Just part it in Indochina.

  • '19 Moderator

    Was russia ever taken or threatened in that game? Because I think that is the whole point.

  • The problem with Russia is that even though it may not look like it’s in real danger (ie Russia is able to retain Kerilia and take Ukraine), the situation can suddenly change within the next few turns when German IPC production skyrockets due to Africa. And by then, it’s already too late for UK to help out its ally

  • Firstly, I would definitely recommend trying something you’ve never tried before just to find out for sure. I have tried it and think it’s worthwhile. If the USSR will station at least one of its fighters there for the first turn or two, it will definitely give the Japanese second guesses.

    Also, I have used the transport to move the infantry from Syria-Iraq into India on the first move which also bolsters the defenses. Both of these moves should numerically keep India safe through the first round, after which time the IC will be able to produce three armor or infantry a round.

  • There as in the Soviet Far East or Yakrut?

  • Oops…No I meant India

    That is if you’re trying to protect it and put an IC there.

  • Transporting two ftrs. to India would make India nigh impossible to take. But by doing so you risk two high defenders on the Russian-German front. Also make sure you protect those Russian ftrs at all cost, they’re USSRs greatest asset.

  • I think i already wrote about how my brother tried this with india, and I just went around him. If india attacks too soon, japan can get a free complex. if they build up too much…they are worth nothing. also, taking troops out of syria iraq, throws germany in persia, so they can threaten both india and russia.

  • Exactly how can you threaten Russia with a few infantry from the Persia? Also with an IC in India you have to defend it at all cost. like Horten said, a Japan player can just go around you to the North and East and just send ftrs to contain a possible build up in India to be delt with later. Of course this is in theory…

  • Germany than can attack india in support of japan, or send some men to Russia’s back door.

  • How does Germany do this? From what I can see, Germany can only reach India through the Suez Canal. But doesn’t this require Germany to take Persia on the first turn? I think that a factory in India for Britain is a great idea.

  • I also like the idea of an IC in India; it allows some opposition to the Japanese where there would ussually be very little. If the USSR can take Manchuria with a minimum of casualties (say, one or two) then I would do so and build the IC. This forces Japan to make a tough decision; take back Manchuria or try for India, which is extremely difficult with the transport blocking an Amphib assult. If Japan goes after Manchuria they are forced to use their airforce to give the correct punch, weakening their opperations elsewhere.

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