• This is a first turn move that gives the UK a naval advantage over Germany. The turn begins when UK purchases 3 submarines. Then, UK announces its 2 combat movements. The first is an attack on the german submarine off the coast of Western Europe using the 2 fighters from the UK. There is a 17.2% chance that the german submarine (assuming it’s not hit the first time) will roll a 2 or less twice in a row and defeat the british fighters. However, there is a 75% chance that the 1 of the 2 fighters will roll a 3 or less on the first attempt, thus ensuring victory for the British 😄 . Assuming this attack is succesful, the British bomber flies from the UK, through the newly won sea zone, through the strait of gibraltar, and attacks the german battleship and transport. To aide in the attack, the british battleship in the sea zone adjacent to gibraltar and the british submarine in the suez canal also move into the southern europe sea zone. This attack has a 59% of success in the first round and a 20% (if the submarine makes a hit) of winning the battle and having no british casualties. In the first round, there is less than a 1% chance (.77%) of the british sub, bomber, and battleship will all miss and both the german transport and battleship make a hit. The odds are clearly in UK’s favor.

    This attack throws a wrench into any german plan of capturing Africa. Now the UK can use its resources elsewhere and not worry so much about protecting Africa. The submarines purchased at the beginning of the turn will be used to help secure sea zones in the mediterranean and the Atlantic on future turns. It is suggested that at least 2 submarines are placed in each sea zone that is adjacent to a German held territory. This blockade that is formed will prevent the Germans by expanding by sea or air. The only way to any other continent will be through Russia. Russia will be able to concentrate more on the western front than their eastern front because the US will be able to deal with Japan and not worry about Germany to the east.

    Although many gamers believe that UK’s job is trivial in comparison to the US’s or Russia’s, the UK proves extremely valuable in that it can indirectly prevent German expansion and force them to attack in places that the defender has the advantage.

  • Sorry… I’m just a newbie…
    I dun really understand the idea of attacking a sub by 2 fighters…
    Coz from rulebook… it saids that subs and planes can’t make damages on each other…

    Could anybody explain it for me?
    Thanks 🙂

  • '19 Moderator

    Subs have no defense against Air units and naval units do not block air movement. Sportznut, you need to read the rules again. 😉

    Besides that, Germany goes first so those Naval unts won’t be there when UK’s turn comes. Most likle the Sub will be dead and so will your Med Fleet.

  • On UKs turn, there won´t be any German navy units anywhere in the vicinity of UK because G has used them as cannonfodder when taking out the UK navy. Besides which, subs can´t hit planes.
    Also, the naval units north of Africa will have been destroyed by G, making an attack on the German BS and tr unlikely

  • 2007 AAR League

    I do not believe the attack on the Western European sub is legal unless you attack all of the Western European units as well. I’m almost positive that the rules say that you can’t attack naval units with air units unless they have a safe place to land after the attack, such as an aircraft carrier or land. If I am mistaken someone please correct me.

  • You stand corrected!
    (This is God speaking in case you don’t recognize my voice or are struck dumb by my attendance to your minor squabble.)

    In standard A&A ftrs & bmrs can wipe subs out easily. Unless you play the SS(submerging sub) House Rule. Then subs can submerge(turn on side to show submerged) after any round of attack. They surface(turn upright) after the attack is over.

    Things are a little different in A&AP or A&AE(with destroyers.)

  • ukcommander:
    fighters have a range of 4, the ne atlantic is 2 spaces, they can land in the uk, gibraltar, canada…

  • 2007 AAR League

    Very well I stand corrected I just read the rules again just for you. Lol. However, I know that you aren’t god.

  • @UKcommander:

    Very well I stand corrected I just read the rules again just for you. Lol. However, I know that you aren’t god.

    and he refuses to be convinced of that. . . :-?

  • Silence mortal!

    See, it worked!

    I gotta stop this. Sometimes I even scare myself!

  • 2007 AAR League


  • See, cys__!
    Even Uck now recognizes impotence when he comes into my presence……

    Wait a minute.

    That didn’t come out right…

    Oh, well! Since I’m GOD I’ll come back and fix it before it happens later… er, whatever we immortals do.

  • 2007 AAR League

    YOU ARE NOT GOD!!! But, you obviously need to find the Lord and ask his forgiveness!

  • HIJACK!!!

  • UCK, please, do not confront my GOD personality. It upsets my Avenger personality and he’s not very nice when he gets miffed. Don’t tell him I told you though.

  • Besides the problems mentioned above, Eng should never buy subs. They should buy destroyers since destroyers can defend against planes and they cost the same.

  • Destroyers? Classic A&A? AA&A Europe?
    Wrong Forum??

  • i find that the uk must build industriall complex in south africa to repell germany in its ever so popular stratagy ( gambit the med ) in which germany uses its air force to destroy the battle ship in gebralta and your sub in iraq (ha ha iraq ) to secure its ever so bold AIRCRAFT CARRIER to aid in the security of africa and the atlantic the complex would be used as an out post to build tsanks faster thn gernany can ship them thiswuold need usa help however

  • USA should help but it is not a priority usa does this by sendig its eastern fighter to the most western part of africa it can also send its bomber but that would be unwise (you can probrbly geuse why) :lol:

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