Africa Folly for Germany?

  • @DasReich:

    [You CAN load and offload your transports during the combat movement phase RIGHT? I’d like to see the quote from the rulebook.

    yes, you can!
    i’m not sure where you can find this in the rulebook…
    but i have played a&a - the computer game (this is not the revised version, though) and there you can!

  • Yes, you can.  See the Transport section and Amphib Assaults throughout the rulebook and LHTR.

  • To me, it’s cristal clear that you CAN do that. I’ve found the passage in the rulebook. But it was just a pain in the  😮 to argue about it for an hour during the game. After all, on D-Day, the expeditionnary force took only a couple of hours to cross the channel. They didn’t step in the transports and waited for 6 months in the middle of the water 😉 Anyways, the positive aspect is that they don’t play like this anymore.

  • Oh good!  I am glad you got that worked out.  “Bridging” is a critical aspect of Allied play.

  • (sorry, send it too early, one more time)

    I like the idea for G1 to tran to support baltic fleet.

    But, what if UK1 chose to sacrifice its planes and attac. You will be left with  1 DD and 1, maybee to tran.

    Schould G2 then reinforce navy again, and with what?

    If not, the next round new UK plans (and maybee navy, if G planes are not too thtathening) and US airforses can take this easy out?

    I think the conlusion is to go for africa for G, but at as low cost as possible.

    Many talk about supporting aftica with indian troops for UK, but isnt this to leave India open, and make J walk through Asia? My problem playing Russia is always to keep the J out, when they come for full om R door in round 5-7, with plenty thanks and planes, then R falls… I guess with leaving India this happens even quicker? And, do the 2 UK troops from india make a big differens in Afr, easy replacements from G will take them out as long as med fleet is alive, or?

    And, maybee this is for another line, but, how for R to slow down J in east?

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