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Can someone explain how Mashalling cards work.

  • Can someone explain how Marshalling cards work. I just got the game and the manual is hard to understand. :?

  • Marshalling cards are used when you can’t fit the pieces onto the space (very commonly occurs in sz6 when the US/UK link up navies and that big pile can’t fit there).

    What you do is find the marshalling circle which is a punchout circle with a number on it that looks like the marshalling card (not the plane movement circle), put the marshalling circle on the board in the overcrowded zone.

    Now take all the units that were there and put them onto the marshalling card of the corresponding number.

    So when you look at the board and see a marshalling circle, you refer to the corresponding marshalling card (same number) and look at what troops are there.

  • Thank you very much! 😄

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