• Hi yall! About that scinario I posted its what you try to play. its like a new way to play the game. A differant objective and stuff. and tell Djensen I spelled it wrong cause I hate english and I dont check my spelling and Anymonous I am 13!
    Well off of the lame stuff this is my stratagy. Usually on my 1st, 2nd, and sometimes 3rd turns I power up the U.K. with fighters, Bombers, transports and infantry incase the enemy starts beating me bigtime I use them as a target so I can iflict damage w/ my powerful stuff. And also I buy lots of tanks to do the final touch. Then If I win in noth arfica I build an I.C. and build a big army. Then when I am powerful enough I attack Western Europe w/ my guys from U.K. and Southern europe w/ my guys from North Africa. Then when they are weak the Soviets march in and take Ukraine S.S.R.
    and Eastern Europe. If you can see ways I can adjust my stratagy to make it more powerful please leave a comment.

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