Grasshopper's Income Tracker Idea

  • I have lots of customization ideas that I can’t see myself creating due to time, resources, or enthusiasm. However, I would like to share them with this community in the hopes that a customizer will like the idea and create it for themselves. I don’t care for any kind on monetary reimbursement if you make money from it, all I ask is that you share with us pictures of your creation.

    Cribbage board design on a wooden Aircraft Carrier model used as an Axis & Allies Income Tracker

    My vision is of a wooden model aircraft carrier, and on the flight deck is a cribbage board like design where cribbage pegs are used to track income during an Axis & Allies game. I would use 3 peg holes per numerical value and have each nation represented by a colored peg. Black - Germany, Red - Russia, Orange - Japan etc…

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