Majik's custom global painted pieces

  • '22 '16

    Well I finally have some time and figured I would send out some pictures of my painted pieces.  Its so great to see everybody’s work and has really motivated me to start painting again.  My favorite part of this whole thing is the originality and custom pieces you end up with after pouring your time and energy into a painting project.  I ended up buying custom infantry sets to replace the OOB inf.  This is what I am most proud of in my customized set.  My whole goal when I started was to have enough pieces painted for the starting setup.  Then life happens,starting setups keep changing, a second child comes along and well you all know priorities change.  I hope you enjoy what I have so far and hope it inspires you to start up a customized project for yourself.  I really enjoy creating these little pieces of art and the best part is when you get to use them in a game!  I chose paint schemes that I thought looked cool and kinda stood out for each power so that there was some sort of unity when all these pieces where on the board.  Made it a a little easier for my game group to tell who was who. So I apologize to all the historians and purists if I royally mangled some of the original paint schemes 😄  First up will be the Germans!

  • '22 '16

    Some tanks.  I hand paint everything.  Decals are really cool but I just take it as a challenge to try and paint all my own symbols.  Hope you like!

    Tanks 2.JPG

  • '22 '16

    Some Navy and Bombers


  • '22 '16

    Fighters and Tacs


  • '22 '16

    Magnetic carriers


  • '22 '16

    Infantry!  A true labor of love.


  • '22 '16

    More minions to march on Russia!


  • '22 '16

    Some camouflage to really mess with the Russians.


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    Majikforce, these are all awesome. Great job on all these, especially, the infantry.

    It sets yours apart.

    Nice job on everything! 🙂


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    Great work Majikforce,  and I have the same philosophy as you about painting. These sculpts are all game pieces, and they should be painted so as to work well within the game. People should easily recognize what piece belongs to each country. This should take priority over historical painting. If you want to paint something totally historical, build a model kit for display. That’s what I do.

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    Wow, those infantry pieces….superb, look forward to seeing more

  • '14 Customizer

    Very nice painting. I do love the diversity that people paint their pieces on this site.  Everyone has their own unique way of painting the pieces.  No matter how we paint the pieces they must still be playable within the game.

  • Customizer

    Love the pieces Majikforce!

    I no longer have the patience to paint my markings like you do. However I will be making my own decals using a special technique I’ve developed that will use the OOB roundels to mark my sculpts.

    @DK good point you made. My OCD wants historical sculpts. But my practicality and impatience will not allow for micro decals.

    Again, awesome pieces Majik!

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    Everyone has their own unique way of painting the pieces.  No matter how we paint the pieces they must still be playable within the game.

    And the nice difference between game sculpts and real military equipment is that sculpts are rarely lost or damaged in combat.  If that wasn’t the case, people might actually hesitate to risk sending their painted sculpts into battle on the game map, given the large amount of time they’ve spent on customizing them.  🙂

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