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A&A 1914 wanted house rules

  • Every since A&A 1914 came out, everyone complained about how:

    -Historically inaccurate it was (Italy is at war before Austria-Hungary attacks Serbia, ON THE ALLIED SIDE?)
    -Lack of railway movement
    -How bad Unrestricted Sub warfare was
    -How unbalanced it was
    -The problem with India
    -No colonial fights
    -The Cps seemed like a pushover after their initial forces are gone, unlike the epic struggle Germany would put up in other A&As
    -Clearly not play tested a lot
    -Rules felt icky (Mostly due to being changed from what we all know and love. in particular Russian revo, Air combat, Infantry for every army)

    So i was just Curious about what you guys had to ‘fix’ (or add) these.

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