Diplomacy Board substitute for the AA1914 board?

  • Just thinking outloud, I wonder if because the Africa campaign is just so

    insignificant, in historical fact it had no influence upon the massive Western

    and Eastern Front efforts, that we jettison that half of the board to concentrate

    on Europe.

    The Diplomacy map contains all the correct borders and countries, perhaps some

    minor border adjustment might be needed, but it appears it could well indeed

    be able to accomodate all the armies with enough elbow room.

    What do you all think?

  • With exception of not having India and the US, I like it.

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    Clever idea.

  • Sea zones are way too big on that board I think.

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    Tried it; it’s WAAAAY too small (24"x24" I think). You can barely fit two chipped stacks in areas that are supposed to be major fronts. The 36"x36" board in the actual game will be much, much larger, especially since Europe is aligned along the diagonal (sqrt(362 + 362) = 50"). I know it doesn’t seem too big from the pictures we’ve seen, but it’s really rather large.

  • Will just have to wait and see then, Europe just looks so small on the rendering.

    Do the Diplomacy boards vary in size? 24 x 24 does seem small to me.

  • @Shakespeare:

    Just thinking outloud, I wonder if because the Africa campaign is just so


    I guess they sell a lot of A&A copies to Africa, so they need to cover it in the game. Kind of like America, need to cover them too, and they joined the war one week before it was finished, but if you want to sell copies in America, they need to be in the game. Basic rationale.

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    Diplomacy only needs a small board because there’s never more than one unit in an area.

    How many copies would they sell in Japan. Do they play war games in japan?

  • Would you use the supply centers as victory cities?

  • I like that, perhaps too a cumulative amount of those supply centers triggers victory?? !!

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    My “Diamond Diplomacy” board:

    Mines retained as tie-breakers.


  • Nice

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    Very nice, I like the additional territories. Europe and the Middle East should be the focus of the map, a secondary map could be made to show skirmishes in Africa and East Asia (perhaps more elegantly than the sidebars in the AAA WWI game.).

  • I imagine the thinking went…

    1. Ok WWI… lets make it concentrate on Europe. 
    2. Crap we have the ottoman empire in this. Ok, extend the map over a bit.
    3. So the ottomans don’t have to fight in the mid east? only eastern med and Russia? That may make them too strong!  Ok, lets add India so Britain can contest the ottomans a bit.  I mean the Brits DID fight them a bit- even brought over ANZAC troops!
    4. Well, now we have a weird shaped board with the US and India, with a lot of wasted space.  What if we rotate the board to but the US and India on opposite corners?  Then you could have Scandinavia in the top corner!  BRILLIANT!
    5.  Ok, now we have to make Europe overly big or add Africa to the game.  Well, there were some fights in Africa…  Lets add a distorted Africa- More action on the map…

    Lol.  Would rather a large distorted Europe than add sub-Saharan Africa!

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    Haha, well put. As has been suggested in other threads, all that was needed was tweaking the old Europe board (stretch into Arabia and squeeze a sliver of India) instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. The NWO map in AAA would have been a good template as well.

  • OK Flashman, opportunity:

    do a diamond board of Europe stretched into India, without Sub Saharan Africa.

    Can it be done?

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    My versions of this map ARE developed from an old scan of AAE.

    If you want to get rid of Africa, just turn the diamond into a triangle.

  • I’ve actually used a newer version of the Diplomacy board as a reference point to try to create the 1914 map. Using the very limited images we have on hand and reading through the various intel reports Mr. Harris has put out, I’ve used tracing paper to create a new outline and change the borders as necessary to give myself an idea of what the fronts will look like and how turns will play out. It’s actually alot of fun trying to fill in the missing parts for myself.

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    How close is your version to mine?

  • In case you ask me, I’ll say its not too close, look at map under :


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    Why do you keep posting that, its a completely irrelevant WWII board?

  • And the Diplomacy board is not ?

    Come on pal, who are we fooling ?

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    The Diplomacy board is relevant because:

    Its set in WWI

    Its quite clearly been used as the basis for the A&A 1914 board; look at Austria-Hungary, its identical. Even the names are imported from Dip.

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    Just noticed that the designer of Diplomacy died recently:


    Perhaps he Kieled over when he saw what Larry, Curly and Mo did to the map.

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