AA1914 A 2nd Time Around - Battle report (link)

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    We played our second game of the newest Axis and Allies variation : World War One – 1914 this past weekend.

    Like the first game we played by what’s in the rulebook (no visiting FAQ’s or Errata’s to find things … we’re all still learning the new mechanisms anyway) but unlike the first game we had time to come to a clear conclusion.  While we did not play to a “true” win scenario it was 100% clear what was coming in the next 1-2 turns.

  • An interesting read! One thing I’m kinda curious about, if Italy was in trouble turn 4-5, why didn’t America head for the Med and dump a stack of troops into Rome?

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    The USA was already en-route (or dropping) into Picardy when Italy got dumped on.  Bad timing for them really.  Italy HAD a nice stack in Venice, but the Austrian tanks helped their attack immensely (along with, admittedly, some AMAZING dice rolls allowing the Italian stack to get decimated), leaving the Italians to face a still large army.

    Had the move into Venice been made earlier, I could have seen the US moving there, but the threat did not seem as imminent as it did in France at the time they were heading in.

  • I like how you used the French transports to eventually get units in from Canada. I was thinking of maybe using the French transports to move additional US units over, or to maybe relay US troops over staging in Spanish Morocco (we generally have the US go Med). The US could buy more ground units, and less transports early on, but there would be a 1 turn delay I think using allied transports (2nd wave of reinforcements?). I guess you would need to look at it as getting a smaller force somewhere quicker, or a larger force in piece-mail, and you need to be more patient.

    Nice read BTW

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    It slows down US shuck to Europe too much, but it does help get those Canadians across when the UK is shucking its transport fleet between Picardy-London-Karelia.

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