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    I often come across interesting news and information sources and thought maybe it might be of value of we could share some of them.  I would suggest nothing that was too narrow in focus or too partisan on issues.  If there is a partisan slant then it should at least be somewhat subtle, polite and humourous if possible.

    Some of my historic favourites are: -  No doubt the best source of weapons systems and general military/intelligence related topics.  Clear the cookie for this site to get past the number of article restrictions.

    This is a new one to me, some of his views are opposite of mine but he does have humour to me.  This came to me when surfing and was a link to US natural gas production.  That article was here:

    It seemed well written so I checked out the blog and liked his style, but it’s not been fully vetted yet.  I would be considered leftist in the US (on some issues that seem to be hot button and rightist on economic issues) but his recent comments on David Gregory et al were pretty funny

    This website of course, it should be everyone’s goto site!

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