Set 2 speculations

  • Hello All,

    Looks like some buzz about set 2 already.  Claims that it will it will be Pacific themed.  A european amazon site already shows an Oct 2012 expected release date on the set 2 starter.

    1)  What “large” would you put in the starter?  I think the P38 is probably the odds-on favorite, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the “Nick”.

    2)  What are the top 5 planes you hope to see?  I’m expecting to see legends like the Corsair, Dauntless, and Hellcat…  so they aren’t on the top of my list.    I’m more rooting for planes that might not make the cut:  Buffalo, Boomerang, Helldiver… And I’m hoping WotC can conquer the fixed gear logistics for the Val & Peashooter.

  • I want the Corsair #1 and a P-38 would be awesome too.

  • Moderator

    the biggie was a ME 110 in the first set, so either a P-38 or a betty are my guesses

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