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  • I posted this in another thread but haven’t had any responses. Is Germany really this powerful (or was my competition tht weak)? Sorry if this isn’t proper ettiquette, but I was hoping for as many responses as I could get:

    "I have played twice now, being Germany both times. I buy a sub w/ the bonus $ (and an artillery to attack Ukraine). On my first turn, I move as many subs (more than there appears)to destroy US navy as possible (some going through convoys). I use the rest to attack UK’s eastern navy (and a couple of fighters to take out the destroyer below). My Italian fleet rids UK of Gibraltor. Then I stab as much as I can at the Ukraine. Once combat for my 1st is done, I have Ukraine and control the seas; US cannot place ships; UK’s other ships are helplessly outnumbered; the remaining convoys are easy pickings. I then non-combat all land troops as close to Russia as possible. I ignore Africa & the ME. The game is basically over. Even saying Germany needs 2 capitals is pointless because Russia will be gone by round 5.

    Anyone have any ideas? Am I missing something as the Allies (after looking at house rules section, it seems people want to strengthen Axis)?

    We thought that a carrier and 2 fighters added to the US fleet might help, but haven’t had time to see if that relieves Russia of enough pressure."


  • First off, the US can place ships while you have subs of the coast. This is somewhat of a departure from the original (second edition) rules, although they do mention this variation at the end. You can place any naval units in an enemy occupied sea zone, it is then up to the other player to decide (on his combat movement phase) whether to stay and attack or retreat. You must also remember that if the UK can build a sizable airforce and a couple of destroyers your navy will more than likely be lost.
    You also have Russia to contend with during all of your naval maneuvering, which will likely soak up all of your resources. As you can see A&A Europe is fairly well balanced if the German player knows what he’s doing

  • < <first off,="" the="" us="" can="" place="" ships="" while="" <<you="" have="" subs="" of="" coast.="" <br="">That’s interesting to note, but I’m still not convinced that it would do any good, as the occupying German fleet would still have even or better odds (especially since the capture of several US convoys will decrease the US’s buying power).

    < <you must="" also="" remember="" that="" if="" the="" uk="" can="" <<build="" a="" sizable="" airforce="" and="" couple="" of="" <<destroyers="" your="" navy="" will="" more="" than="" likely="" <<be="" lost.="" <br="">By the time that the UK has time to build this much (it sounds like you’re talking 3 or 4 turns to gain that much cash after losing a couple of convoys), Germany is already advancing on Moscow. Not to mention, Germany is buying at least some more naval power of its own as well.

    < <you also="" have="" russia="" to="" contend="" with="" <<during="" all="" of="" your="" naval="" maneuvering,="" <<which="" will="" likely="" soak="" up="" <<resources.="" <br="">Honestly, if neither the US or UK can get to Europe (with much) by sea, Germany just sends all of its land combatants against Russia’s smaller forces. And Russia only has a fraction of Germany’s economy.

    < <as you="" can="" see="" a&a="" europe="" is="" fairly="" well="" <<balanced="" if="" the="" german="" player="" knows="" what="" <<he’s="" doing.="" <br="">I guess I’m still not convinced. It seems that the opposite is true–if the German player knows what he is doing, the game might be out of balance.

    I hope I don’t sound hostile. I’m just looking for input (from as many experts as possible). Thanks.</as></you></you></first>

  • I recomend working a lot more on your allied stratagies; the USSR can stop the Germans and turn the battle on the eastern front into a bloody battle of attrition with neither side truely winning. Germany’s efforts are further hampered if a portion of it’s already streched income is used to keep the Americans busy untill they build a navy. Despite how it looks, it is very difficult to prevent Britian from having a navy and once they have a couple destroyers and an airforce they can create major problems for your sub packs. Believe me, the Russians can hold out 4 turns if they really want to.

  • you should play the game more than twice before you decide that it is inbalanced.

  • The loss of the US convoys is not that terrible, together they are only worth ten (25% of US total income)
    The game is not unbalanced if the allies are coordinated and work together.

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