I need a bigger map!!!

  • I just purchased AA Europe only to find that the map is even more cramped than the world edition. I need a bigger map. Whats the best route to go? Purchase or somehow print a larger one?

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    um…it’s supposed to be smaller… but I think you just want a larger one right?

  • Yeah, I just want a bigger one. When I say it’s too small, I’m speaking relative to the size of the pieces. The day I opened it I set up the board just to get familiar with it, only to discover that many of Germany’s starting units BARELY fit (for instance, in the netherlands) in their respective countries. More than that, I just like the idea of having an exspansive map to play on, it’s just plain cool. I’ve found a decent scan of the AAE board, but I don’t think the resolution is high enough to allow me to blow it up significantly.

    Oh, I think you thought that I wanted an entire WORLD map instead of just the AAE map. No, I was well aware when I purchased the game that the scope of the game was limited to the combat in Europe, the Atlantic, the Middle East, western USSR, ect.

    I want the same map, just bigger.

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    I don’t know of a bigger scan, but I do know about the coolest AaAE map by BlueSuedeShoes…. try this and see what you think


    there is I don’t think a website that has one but if some one else will look here they might be able to tell you….

  • Why are those maps like…made into Comb territorys? That would take forever to fucking play

  • Dude, I just took the board to kinko’s, and it’s f-ing expensive to blow it up. I was trying to copy sections of the board, with pasting them together afterward in mind, only to discover in the process that I’d spend about $25 just for the copies, let alone the material I want to mount them on. Oh, and the material I was planning on mounting them on, a transparent, acrylic, plexiglass type thing, that shits expensive too. I’m screwed. I wish Avalon Hill sold big posters of their boards. Why don’t they?

  • could we cool it on the language here people? Still want 9 y/o’s to visit without their mom’s freakin’.

  • I’ll admit it,I like the A&A:E map.It’s a lot better than the A&A map.I like the fact that the Germans and the Russians can use their land as a defense as well as their respective units.I personaly think this map is actually less cramped as the original one.I also like the fact that everybody starts out the game with more units in this version.

  • Yeah, I like the A&AE board, the more the merrier I always say! (or not) 😉

  • Dudes and chicks, it’s been done, i took the AAE board to the local library, where color copies are about 20 cents cheaper, blew it up in pieces, then pasted them together onto four pieces of 20x30 “Sturdy Board”, foam board I bought at Joanne Fabrics. So the area of my new board is four times the size of the original. It’s huge, and it’s awesome. Essentially, each quadrant of the original board has been blown up to the size of the original board. It ended up costing about $30 bucks, but it was worth it. Not that the original board is completely inadequate, but it’s just so much easier to assess everything when there is more space between the pieces, and easier to move them around, not to mention feeling like your working over some government war-room map.

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