• When ever I play Axis adn Allies Europe I never have a good plan. I could use some good strategies for the Germans or the Allies.

  • i would suggest that, as the allies, you use usa to quickly build an invasion fleet to secure north italy. let the british get approx 1 sub per turn for the convoys and fly aircraft into russia. securing north italy early is good b/c the allies gain control of the mediterrainian and south east europe

  • an easy one for allies is take back the convoys and destroy german subs. then just build all fighters as uk and usa, and fly them to russia. Build all infantry with russia, bid armor in karelia and secure finland and norway. In this way, you are “out producing germany”
    leave leningrad and stalingrad open, and move the aa gun out when germany invades. If they take either, bomb them!

    there are other strategies also involving an invasion fleet, i am no expert at all on that. it requires perfect timing to do correctly.

  • This ones for mat. Your the first persom iv’e seen who wants to invade italy first. Rock on, man!!!

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