Reasearch: If i roll multiple 6's. Does that mean multiple breakthroughs?

  • If i roll multiple 6’s. Does that mean multiple breakthroughs?

    Rules state you must roll all dice at once but doesnt say how many breakthroughs you can get.

    also: if you dont roll a 6, is that dice wasted or do you repeat during your nexr turn until you roll a 6?

  • I believe you can only get one breakthrough per roll, and if you do or don’t, you have to buy more next turn to research again.

  • I liked the “token” concept where you rolled each turn until you obtained a breakthrough.  I wouldn’t mind seeing something like 6 for T1 roll, 4 if you want to roll on T2, 2 if you want to roll on T3 and 1 for a roll every turn after it.

    Something like a declining cost because of prior research done.  The biggest benefit is that with research upgrades, it becomes significantly harder to predict moves as the landscape of the game changes when subs can attack at 3 or artillery can support 2 infantry.

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    My group uses the Tech Tokens from AA50.  We just hated the idea that you spend all this money, don’t get a single 6 and it’s all down the tubes.  At least with the tokens, you don’t have to spend the money again until you get a breakthrough.

    You’ve got a good idea too, with the declining cost each turn.  Perhaps the best way is the price declines until you do get a breakthrough.  When you try for another breakthrough, you have to start over again at 5 IPC per dice.

    Also, I kind of think it’s a rip-off that if you get more than one “6” you still only get one tech breakthrough.  On the otherhand, could you just imagine a country spending 30 IPCs for six dice and getting 5 or 6 sixes?  I wonder how the game would go if one country had all the techs to play with.

  • It would be over fast

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    Really?  Do you think it would make that big a difference?  I know some of them like Heavy Bombers and Jet Fighters can be a pretty good boost in some battles, but I think even with the techs a country could still be defeated.  I guess it would depend on which nation got the techs.  Germany or USA would probably be almost a sure vicotry.  Maybe Japan too.  UK and USSR could probably go either way, depending on how well the player played them.

    Hey, I wonder how much difference there would be if Italy or ANZAC had all the techs from the start of the game.  It might be a pretty good boost to Italy.  They start with a small income but still have a pretty big army and navy.  ANZAC starts with so little that I’m not sure how much help the techs would even be.  This might be an interesting test to try out.

  • Just think of what a rich country could do with all of the Tech.'s  Rockets Heavy Bombers Paratroops Etc.
    In the days when we used to play classic we would get bored and change things up,  and one of the things we did was to make Tech.'s easier to obtain.  One was to make it so at the end of your turn you would roll a six sided and what you rolled is what you got,  each turn you would do that and on turn six you had every one.  One of the other versions was to pay 5$ and roll and what you got was what you got,  another variation was to have the free roll but you needed a six to break through to Technology
      When certain counties got certain Tech.'s early then it was over fast, I think the new game is going to be no different with the results,  it will just be slightly more complex
      One of my favorites was to write on the backs of the territory markers the Tech  like Rockets do that to 10  and then on another 10 put the next Tech. until each Tech. is represented 10 times.  Put all those in a cup and at the end of your turn you draw one,  when you get 3 like Tech.'s its yours. One other detail you can give one in exchange to your opponent once per turn. Pick yours that you want to get rid of and take one from any opponent, and you can trade freely with your side .
    You cant share Tech.'s but you can make it easier for your side
    Thats one I would like to see in the Books
      Each country gets to draw once per turn
      If ya want to change up the same old boring game  try it

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