What to do with the germans

  • id like to hear some opinions on german plans on what has won the gam such as attack russia turn 1 or 2 etc or does sealion still work with the new alpha 3 is it even worth while buying a complex for romania. i appreciate the feed back thanks

  • :lol:  Well said, Garg.

    As far as A+3 goes, you’re right, Sealion has been significantly weakened.  It’s harder to do, and has less pay-off.  That’s not to say it shouldn’t ever be done, but it does take a bit more risk.

    Attacking Russia on turn 1 generally doesn’t work out very well.  What few units Germany can actually get to the border will die in Russia’s first counter-attack, and UK will have no reason to defend London.

    A turn 2 attack, however, can work quite well.  Russia won’t have much time (only 1 round) to prepare, and so will have to retreat quickly.
    Buying an IC in Romania is a legitimate strategy, but it telegraphs your intentions to UK, and the small advantage in position you gain from it often doesn’t justify 30 IPCs.
    It’s only 1 turn slower to buy units in Berlin, and it is much more cost-effective.

  • well what im thinking first purchase 2 transports and aircraft carrier attack russia with the front line  clear the sea then turn 2 the transports will be fully loaded and i would head up to archangel unload there men from norway will be beside leningrad as well so i would be in a position to  attack from several positions turn 2 purchase would be a minor in romania to go after stalingrad what u think

  • How about 3 transports with 3 infantry, 3 tanks land at Nenetsia turn 2 and then blitz all over the place turn 3

  • if u take archangel u take a bonus away from russia if they want it they need to maove in that direction sea zone 125 with a warship does the samething though

  • True, but if you land in Archangel they will just kill your little invasion on the next turn with troops from Novgorod.  They can still attack you with mech, armor, and planes but any losses they incur doing that will be expensive to replace.  With 3 inf, 3 tanks, they might not even be able to kill them all and you will have a tank or two for the blitz.  Stopping you will be a distraction from the front.  This is called being a trouble maker.

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