• instead of giving allies 12 to split up
    each allied power get’s 12
    i know that this is the same as a bid of 36, but russia only get’s 12 of it, so giving 12 extra to the usa doesn’t help as much… so it’s more like a 28-30 bid

    I truly believe that this would make the game very balanced!!

    what do you think? Might still favor germany a little

  • Thats one hell of a f**ked up idea!!!

  • from reading your posts you still don’t seem to believe that germany has a strong advantage


    click on the dice roller (on the left side)
    click on view rolls in a game

    type in a 4 diget number <1620 (i’m playing games 1598 and 1604)
    also check out 1588 i ran a sealion!

    look at what germany can do the first turn!

    if you’re still not convinced, sign up, and email me at sean@nc.rr.com you can be allies with no bid.

    this game is much different from standard aa
    in standard aa, money is really important to have. Because the allies have 2.5 times the cash germany has, taking the russian territories worth 1 early on is a waste. It’s not about money, it’s about moscow!!

  • Inxduk, sorry for my rude gesture. the game is favored toward germany, but there are strategies for the allies. I hope too look into your suggested sites.

  • Inxduk,
    I checked out your game #1588
    Thank goodness Hitler never saw your plan!!
    Thank goodness he was more fixated on one-upping Napoleon, rather than William the Conqueror!
    Now you’ve got me pondering how the Allies can whup such a plan.
    I find the game relatively well balanced, and think the 3x12 ipc idea would sink Germany’s chances more than somewhat.

  • i’ll play you where i’m germany and you get 3x12 for the allies

  • OK, but it’ll have to wait until we get past the middle of June – I’m tied up with “real life” stuff.
    Then we could do the game play via aaemc (I think I’m still registered there).

  • ready to play that game?

  • Well Mr. Inxduk,
    I shall be ready to go at it in earnest next Monday – we could do the preliminary bid-in to aaemc this week. My dogtag there is JZAM.

  • cool, I’ll post the game soon, I can wait till monday to do combat, that’s fine. since we aren’t bidding (you start with +12 for each ally) you can just tell me where you want to stuff to be. also you use mapview right?

  • Let’s see – Do you as Deutschland get +12 for turn zero also?

    Umm – I am a Mac-happy dude, so mapview won’t work here.
    What I do have is a map with open slots in each territory (which I manually update after each turn, and we can email it back and forth) – guess I got it off of Thrasher’s website awhile back. It’s not too terribly klunky – and it’s color-coded, meaning you can cut & paste the units in their home colors from one territory to another as areas are conquered. Hmm. The units are designated in type only. Would be cool if they were icons instead.

    I’ll send ya a sample when I get a few moments. We can post our logs & results and whatnot in a new topic under GAMES forum (assuming other A&AORG types will dig tracking our experiment with your theory).

    So, wanna tell my your handle on aaemc? Sounds like you’ll set up the game start over there. Cool.

  • macs are cool, I mainly use linux, but i have windows on computer #3… anyway is this a picture file, or the microsoft word document? I do do both on linux (openoffice), so that will be cool! and yeah, i get +12 for germany, it’s +12 for all countries. Is this ok? hmm thinking what i should get, maybe a fighter for france…

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