• We got the movement down but we need help with numerous issues…

    1. The things are on Battle card, then we roll the dice, then we are a liitle confused what to do afterwards. Can the defender counter-attack and damage the attacker

    2. If the attacker hits and the defender misses, what happens?

    3. Do we have to keep on playing until everyone is dead?

    4. Explain the concept of submerging.

    5. Can a infranty unit attack everything or just things on land?

  • 1. Yes, both sides roll and all hits are tallied (ex. attacking tank rolls 3 or less). Each side then removes the pieces of their choice.

    2. The defender picks what units he loses. If all def. units die, the attacker gets the territory.

    3. If you are the allies, yes. If you are Germany, you have to capture 2 of 3 capitals.

    4. If a submarine is attacked by any units exc. a destroyer and is not hit, it may submerge to avoid being killed (I may be wrong about this)

    5. Infantry can kill land and air units if that is what they are attacking/defending against. If they are defending against amphibious attacks, they cannot kill transports.

  • lets have alook, lets see if i can help.

    1. first the attacker rolls his dice. lets say he attacks with 3 infantry, 1 tank and one fighter.

    he rolls 3 dice for the infantry. for each 1 rolled the opponent suffers 1 casulty.

    then 2 dice for the tank, for every 3 rolled the opponent suffers one casulty.

    one dice for the fighter. for every 3 rolled the opponent suffers one casulty.

    a units attack power (the dice roll required to score a hit on an enemy) can be found on the ‘nation card’. so, also the defensive power.

    then the defender shoots back with all the units in a territory including the ones that were hit by the attacker just before. for all hits the defender scores the attacker needs to remove these units immediately. they dont get another chance to shoot. the defender also removes the units the attacker hit before.
    now the battle continues if the attacker deicides to go ahead.

    2. then only the defender removes casulties, the battle goes on until the attacker takes the territory or calls it of.

    3. you play until the attacker takes the territory, or decides to call the attack of.

    5. an infantry unit can attack all land based units and air units.

    hope that helps,


  • What do you mean by “tally up” on the first question?

  • add them together to get the total number of hits

  • ever hear of reading instructions???

  • hey ciww2, he just asking a question like you have tones of times,

    ne ways in aae germany only has to capture 1 capital right? if it was 2 or 3 that might be way to hard, i can barely take russia!

  • Good question, it’s been so long that I’m not sure anymore-although, if you hit Russia hard and fast enough, you might be able to get U.K. as well-I know for sure you don’t need to take all 3 capitals.

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