• Major Objective : Defeat Russia
    Minor Objectives : (1) Capture Leningrad (2) Defeat Enemies in Mid. East (3) Prevent Allied Support in Russia (4) Capture Moscow

    (1) The capture of Leningrad does a number of things. Prevents Russian builds, denies allied air landings, focuses Russian troops North leaving the mid east weak and Stalingrad open for Blitz. Although it’s only worth 1 Deutschmark and you can only produce 1 unit there . .  .  .  It’s a great distraction for your opponents.

    (2) With a minimal investment early on you can defeat the paltry force stationed on Germanys 8 Oil bucks. One extra transport (Adriatic) and some forethought and it can be yours quickly. As a bonus whatever you send there is on the way to the City on the Volga for a T5 strike.

    (3) This is Key to defeating those Crusty Rustys’. If you hope to hit Moscow you can’t have British or, Heaven help you, American aircraft helping the Capital Defense. This is why Leningrad (and other Northern zones) are crucial to capture early on.

    (4) Start Bombing early and do it as long as you have the capacity. If you’ve prevented allied re-inforcements you should be able to bomb Russia into the stone age. Get them down to 7 Ruples a turn and then bomb 6 of those into dust!! (If) you can capture any of the valuable Southern Russian zones the Reds will likely fall.

    Thoughts ? ? ?

    Starlight Sniper

  • '22 '20 '19 '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 '12

    This game had been judged to be broken.

    If Germany just buys tanks and plows to Moscow, they can take out Moscow every time no matter what the Allies do, including what ever paltry number of fights they can get there.

  • I was never asked to be a judge when A&A Europe was deemed to be broken.

    The Top 4 things I like about this version of A&A are:
    !> 12 IPC Initial Purchase Option
    2> Defensible European Shorelines
    3> Importance of Leningrad
    4> Fast game-play

    If Leningrad is held . . . .   
    T1 - 2 Allied Fighters in Russia
    T2 - 5 Allied Fighters in Russia
    T3 - 10 Allied Fighters in Russia
    T4 - 15 Allied Fighters in Russia
    This is a best case scenario of course.

    Starlight Sniper

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Yeah, sorry Starlight, but the allies stand no chance in this game.

    Play Europe 1940! You will have just as much fun!

    I do miss what this game was in it’s day though!

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I miss this enough to play!  Send me a PM if you want me to show off my German Battle Plan! :)

  • "G"Germany 12$ - Transport in Baltic Sea, Gun in Finland.
    “A” Allied 12$ -2Inf London 2Inf Leningrad

    T1 - Germany, attacked and took Leningrad, North Sea, Celtic Sea, English Chanel,  S.O. Girbralter, Sicillian Sea, Malta, Baltic States, Bessariabia. Battle for Leningrad Begins.
    T1 - Allies, Initial re-capture of Leningrad. Station UK fighter in Leningrad, US airforce in London. US Navy massing in E. U.S.

    T2 -T4  <> Germany re-takes and re-looses Leningrad, Major loss of troops on both sides.  “AA” sends up Tonnes of flack and receives 5 Axis Aircraft in return. Europa Prime is left un-garrisoned and ripe for invasion, but all Axis troops are needed for the Eastern Front.

    T4 - Start of T4 -
    Germany has held Leningrad for the first time due to a “Positional Russian Retreat” into “Russia”. Germany has 3 tanks and can back it up with 11 more men for '2 and for the first time the remaining Luftwaffe can land in Leingrad for the defense. Desperate times await the German Army in T4.

    Allied  forces (UK/US) have landed in France with good chance O’Holdin it. Shuck set up, Morocco taken, 12+ Defending in Iran.
    Russia plays the next important hand deciding whether to liberate Leningrad at extreme loss (Up to 75% Total Troops but tough to re-take for 'G)    '‘OR’     assume the traditional defensive position. . . . .
    “G” has invested a Tonne of resources into capturing Leningrad so it seems unlikely they will give it up at this point (T4). Only time (and the next post) will determine who emerges victorious.

    Starlight Sniper

  • T4 - T9

    Germany - Continued to dominate Mediterranean, Pushing a stack of 12Inf, 2Art, Tank and Fighter to within 1 zone on Stalingrad.
    Leningrad was held and used a launching point into Russia. Carrier assisted German navy continued to transport 6men/turn up to the icebound Leningrad. Bombing of Russia continued right up until the end, often bombing the undefended give/take factory of Volgagrad (Stalingrad). Even though Vichy, E. France and Paris were in allied hands and Russia was playing a back and forth game with territories, Germany was still collecting 50$/Turn. Things were looking bleak though, with allied armies contiuing to mass in Normandy and Italy under danger of a sneak attack from US forces. Time was running out! Stacking units 30+ deep in Berlin and 15+ in Italy, most of Eastern Europe was empty and vulnerable to Russian and MidEast British Armies.

    Russia - Backing into Moscow and letting Germany stay in Leningrad was a gamble, but it paid off. The attacker had an impossible time leaving the city, because when he did I would be able to produce 8 guys there, and have all my allies land their fighters there. He had to keep the front line in my backyard. I prevented him from moving to the central zone by keeping it so he couldn’t land his Luftwaffe there. Without the fighter protection, I had enough firepower to knock him out !! Time was my ally.

    United Kingdom - Germany seemed content to keep it’s navy docked outside Leningrad so I was able to use a US T1 Carrier and my fighters to set up shipping lanes into the Bay of Biscay. Landing first in Paris, Vichy and E. France I was able to get about 6$, and by T8 was poised to fight for E. Europe with my Mid-East Forces. I only landed 1 fighter in Russia and that was on T1, other than that Russia received no air support because there was nowhere to land. Scandinavia, Vyborg, Leningrad, Poland and the Baltic States were all under Axis control and most had some 88 Flack Guns. I finally flew 3 fighter from Vichy, over Flack in Italy, and on to Rumania.

    United States - The U.S. footed every dollar of the Mid-East oil bill for the entire game. The T1 Carrier and a extra destroyer was enough to (With UK Navy help) stave off any attacks by the German Navy. Landings in France and Vichy meshed well with landings and movements of British Troops. Several mass Fighter purchases helped ensure British Troops in Europe were protected after moving. US and UK bombed the Schnitzel out of Germany, turn after turn until T7 when, heh heh, in one turn German Flack Towers shot down ALL allied bombers. Decimating Morale and giving the German economy a boost. At one point 1 US Inf. and Art. owed all of German North Africa. Germany was stalled.

    END GAME -

    • Germany was well defended but not in a position (Now or in the Future) to advance any further. Allied income was almost 2:1 and Russia was twice as strong as the force in Leningrad. The German Navy was next on the chopping block, cutting off all help to Leningrad (which can only produce 1 German unit per turn). US/UK were putting 70$ / turn into France and nothing was going to stop it.
    • Germany Surrenders T9

    Starlight Sniper

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