• Since I have also AAE40 and AAP40 I started looking at AA42 to see if it would be possible to use more powers into the game and I came up with this. There are 2 new powers, Italy and China/ANZAC.

    There are no changes to the initial setup, only to territory ownership. Italy has its capital on S. Europe and has Balkans and Libya, along with the fleet on SZ14. China/ANZAC has its capital on Australia, along with NZ, China and Sinkiang at the fleet at SZ40. Turn order (starting production) is: Russia (24), Germany (30), Italy (10), UK (27), Japan (30), US (38), China/ANZAC (7).

    Overall turn 1 will work out very much as a regular AA42. But now Australia will be a bigger target for Japan (it will pile up its IPCs until it can build a IC to build units on turn 4) and if the SZ40 transport survives the initial round it can be used to raid the islands nearby.

    You may want to consider using the Dardanelles rule that prevents ships from moving to SZ16 and force the Italians into Africa (and prevent the Russians from building a sub to sink the Italian fleet on R2).

  • This sounds like it might be worth a try. I posted an after action report on the forum about AA42 NOs. I really like what you have done to make AA42 an even better game. Thanks Hobbes.

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