A&A 1942 2nd edition (1940) set up

  • Something I was playing with was hopeing for some feed back

    Now my group actually enjoys the smaller board to the large 1940 board. � We all agree it looks cool when it’s set up but play is just slow (since you have more spaces but the movement rate hasn’t changed. � So we stick to the smaller boards which the movement rate was designed for.) � That being said I tried to design different set ups for the smaller board.

    Also of note I tend to get a lot of players so for the UK you will see it broken up into UK/FEC/ Anzac but on the small board can be a single UK player. � � Germany is also broken up into Germany/Italy but again can just be a single German player.

    Starting IPCs: 18
    Bulgaria: 3 inf, 1 art, 4 tanks
    Germany: 4 inf, 1 art, 1 AA, IC, 1 fighter, 1 bomber
    Norway: 2 inf, 1 fighter
    NW Europe: 3 inf, 2 tanks, 1 fighter
    Poland: 4 inf, 1 art, 2 tank
    Sz 2: 2 subs (Im not sure about this one)
    SZ 3: 1 sub
    SZ 5: 1 battleship, 1 cruiser, 1 transport
    SZ 9: 1 sub
    SZ 13: 1 sub

    Finland: 2 inf (pro axis)
    SE Europe: 2 inf, 1 tank (pro axis)

    starting IPCs: 5
    Italy: 1 inf, 1 art, 1 tank, 1 AA, IC, 1 fighter
    Italian East Africa: 1 inf
    Libya: 1 inf
    SZ 15: 1 battleship, 2 cruisers, 1 transport

    starting IPCs : 13
    Carline Islands: 1 Inf
    Formosa: 3 inf, 1 art, 1 fighter
    Iwo Jima: 1 inf
    Japan: 4 inf, 1 art, 1 tank, 1 AA, IC, 1 fighter
    Kiangsu: 3 inf
    Manchuria: 3 inf, 1 fighter
    Okinawa: 1 inf
    SZ 50: 1 aircraft carrier (w/ 1 fighter, 1 tact bomber), 1 destroyer
    SZ 51: 1 battleship, 1 transport
    SZ 61: 1 transport
    SZ 62: 1 transport, 2 aurcraft carriers (w/ 1 fighter, 1 tact bomber each)

    Starting IPCs: 32
    Archangel: 1 inf
    Baltic States: 2 inf
    Belarussia: 1 inf
    Buryatia: 2 inf
    Caucasus: 2 inf, 1 AA, IC
    Evanki: control marker
    Karelia: 3 inf, 1 art, 1 AA, IC
    Kazakh: control marker
    Novosibirsk: control marker
    Russia: 2 inf, 1 art, 1 tank, 1 AA, IC
    Soviet Far East: control marker
    Ukraine: 3 inf
    Vologda: control marker
    West Russia: control marker
    Yakut: 3 inf
    SZ 4: 1 sub

    Starting IPCs: 13
    Algeria: 1 inf
    France: 3 inf, 1 art, 1 tank, 1 AA, IC
    French Africa territories (all): control markers
    French Indo China: control marker
    Moracco: 1 inf
    Sz 8: 1 cruiser
    Sz 14: 1 destroyer
    Sz 32: 1 destroyer

    Total starting IPCs (for UK, FEC & Anzac as one nation): 39
    UK starting IPCs: 20
    Anglo Egpyt: 1 inf
    Belgian Congo: control marker
    East Canada: 1 tank
    Egypt: 3 inf, 1 art
    Gibralter: 1 fighter
    Rhodesia: control marker
    South Africa: 2 inf
    Trans Jordon: control marker
    UK: 4 inf, 1 AA, IC, 3 fighters, 1 bomber
    West Canada: control marker
    SZ 6: 1 destroyer
    SZ 8: 1 destroyer, 1 transport
    SZ 10: 1 destroyer, 1 transport
    SZ 17: 1 cruiser
    SZ 28: 1 destroyer

    Persia: 1 inf (pro allies)

    Starting IPCs: 15
    Borneo: control marker
    Burma: 1 inf
    East Indies: control marker
    India: 3 inf, 1 art � (1 aa, IC if using FEC as it’s own nation)
    Kwangtang: 1 inf
    Malaya: 1 inf
    Solomon Islands: control marker
    SZ 35: 1 transport, 1 cruiser
    Sz 36: 1 destroyer
    Starting IPCs: 4
    East Australia: 3 inf, 1 art � � � (1 AA, IC if using ANZAC as it’s own nation)
    New Guinia: control marker
    New Zealand: 1 inf
    West Australia: control marker
    SZ 39: 1 destroyer, 1 transport

    Starting IPCs: 4
    Anthewi: 2 inf
    Sinkiang: 2 inf
    Szechwan: 2 inf, 1 fighter
    Yunnan: 2 inf

    Starting IPCs: 41
    Alaska: control marker
    Central US: 1 inf
    Eastern US: 1 inf, 1 fighter, 1 bomber, 1 AA, IC
    Hawaii: 1 inf, 1 fighter
    Midway: control marker
    Philippines: 2 inf
    Wake Island: control marker
    Western US: 1 inf, 1 fighter, 1 AA, IC
    SZ 11: 1 destroyer, 1 transport
    Sz 48: 1 destroyer
    Sz 53: 1 destroyer, 1 transport
    Sz 56: 1 aircraft (w/ 1 fighter), 1 battleship, 1 destroyer, 1 transport

    You would use the same turn rules for declaring war as global

  • Customizer

    A few suggested changes to this setup:
    GERMANY: Should add 2 Infantry, 1 Artillery and 2 Tanks to NW Europe. Germany is about to drive on Paris and 1 Inf 1 Fighter just won’t cut it.
    NEUTRALS: Southern Europe should be Pro-ALLIES with 2 Infantry (NO TANK). That territory covers Yugoslavia, Albania and Greece. Two of those were Pro Allies. Majority rules.
    NEUTRALS: Persia should have 1 Pro-Allied infantry unit.
    JAPAN: No Bomber? Should add 1 bomber to Japan.
    JAPAN: No Cruisers? No ships in SZ 60? Should add 1 Battleship and 1 Cruiser to SZ 60.
    RUSSIA: 5 Infantry in Karelia is too many. 3 would be better.
    RUSSIA: No fighter? Should add 1 fighter in Russia.
    RUSSIA: NO units at all in entire Eastern part of Russia? Way too light. Should have 1 or 2 inf in Buryatia and 1 inf in each of the following: Soviet Far East, Yakut, Novosibirsk
    UK: Should add 1 battleship in SZ 7.
    UK: Possibly change 1 UK infantry and 1 UK fighter in United Kingdom to 1 French Infantry and 1 French Fighter.
    FEC: Should add 1 Cruiser to SZ 35.
    USA: Should add 1 Cruiser to SZ 19, Add 1 Artillery to E US, add 1 Artillery to W US.
    CHINA: Too many infantry. Should be 2 in Szechwan, 1 in each other territory.

  • I’ll look at your suggested changes tomorrow when I have time (between driving off zombie hoards)
    As far as no russian units in east russia, it’s simple this set up was based off global 1940 so there is a pact between Russia/Japan

    As for Japan sea zone 60.  Here is my problem with that.  The 1942 board made it two sea zones around Japan instead of just 1.  I looked at the war in 1940 and Japan was just fighting with China at that time so I saw no need to but units in SZ60.

  • Even in the global 2nd edition setup there is a whole mob of russian infantry over in the far east.

  • Im sorry your right, I based it off the boxes forgot about the update in the rulebook.  I have updated my original setup for Russia.

  • Ok updated the setup based on suggestions

    Russia 5 inf became 3 (still no fighter, its 1940 and they are not at war with anyone they have time to buy one)

    Germany: beefed up NE europe
    as far as Southern Europe I understand why you say they should be pro allies, but I think if I dropped a pro allie nation in the middle there it would be too much for the axis to come back from.  And if they dont attack it it would be make Italy far too weak.

    Japan: changed 1 fighter on each aircraft carrier to a tact bomber

    FEC: sz 35 picked up a cruiser

    Persia picked up 1 INF


  • Ok we played this today and it turned out to be pretty balanced.

    Allies won

    I’m still a little iffy about the 2 German subs that start SZ 2 (Germany subs were in total control of the Atlantic for the entire game)

    The other rule changes I made was to make Borneo and East Indies (DEI) basically neutral until attacked by Axis or US enters the war, then they join FEC/UK seemed to work out nicely.

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