Sea-Lion defense possibility. I need an opinion.

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    You know SalothSar it does take two to tango

    If you have something personal to say to me, PM me. With that said let’s stick to A&A topics and not spam up these posts with snippy snipeing.

    I agree.  This thread topic is dead because of the new rules anyway.

    On another note I did play a weird game last night and a non-sea lion attack on the U.k. occured in the English Channel.

    Germany built two aircraft carriers in the North Sea in sea zone 112. He manuevered subs and plans and sank evey British Vessel in the North Atlantic except for one battle ship and the supporting destroyer.  turn two I managed to get my carrier, crusiser and tac bomber to the channel but he blew everything up turn two.  The good news is, is that he is down two planes.  The bad news is is that he has two carriers, a battleship and a cruiser sitting in hte English channel and can load fighters on them.  What the hell do I do?

  • You’re now in turn 3?

    I’d say wait with ships and build some defence if needed (or some air units) and some troops for South Africa. Meanwhile wait for USA to come and help out (with a sufficient warfleet en enough subs)

    You can also opt to build up UK fleet in Canada, but don’t send them to their death

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