New and Need Help! (Allied strategy????)

  • I’ve played Axis and Allies my whole life growing up but just got introduced to the 1940 Global Version, and WOW. Just now 3 turns into our first game and Germany is overwhelmingly powerful and US just now entered the war.

    Please advise on Allied Strategy, because right now looks like Germany is going to sweep up Russia with little to no effort. US just entered the war but will soon lose it’s economic advantage over Germany! UK-Pacific is just about to get crushed and UK-Europe isn’t far behind. How does the US fight two fronts, and somehow land in Europe before Germany is an economic Powerhouse that only needs to defend it’s coast???

  • 1940 is the exact same in the big picture of classic A&A. Contain Japan and the Axis cannot win. Germany needs to take down Cairo or London once they take out Russia. That does not happen though until 9+ turns into the game. More than enough time for UK/USA to fortify and push back.

    Japan though is the major issue. IF you let them get off the chain, take the money islands, crushing Calcutta, blowing up into Russia and producing 70+ IPC, now the Allies have issues.

    USA should always go Kill Japan First and contain them. Germany can wait until later.

    That being said the USA still needs to send some stuff against Europe once they are at war and I would say do the traditional Africa landing and go after Italy. It is amazing how you can destroy Italy economically with STR Bombers on their factories and convoy them.

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    Welcome to A&A dot org Mr. DOCTOR! There a a bunch of channels on YouTube that show strategy for Global 40. Here is a playlist of the ones that I made;

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    Sounds like you are playing a well advised German player. Most new players get side tracked into fighting Britain too much.

    Generally Britain needs to strengthen the middle east and send some planes to Moscow. USA can’t really arrive in Moscow early enough unless things go perfectly for it. If you can get Germany fighting USA though, either by going after Norway or the med, on paper that could work but most of the top players don’t do that.

    If Japan didn’t declare war on the first or second turn, I would wonder why Calcutta is going to fall?

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    The Axis get a huge pile of starting assets, especially planes.    Whittling these down and forcing the Axis to spilt them up is a key Allied goal.    The Axis do well for the first 6 turns, but after that, the Allies are supposed to have the advantage of more income.

    The Allies take a while to build up, and you don’t know when you are going to get in the war, the Axis determine that.    Your biggest advantages are the versatility of the UK/ANZAC and the money of the US.  Concentrate on one front, building support forces in the other.    Move up in force with America–Japan and Italy are more vulnerable than you might think, (though a takeover isn’t likely before turn 12) though unlocking that puzzle may take time.    Time is on your side, as long as you keep your forces alive until that point in the game (turn 8 and after).

  • I appreciate the input! The situation has developed some…

    Africa is just about secured. The British fleet got really lucky with some dice rolls and completely wiped out the Italian fleet, stemming reinforcements Africa, US has landed some combat power in Africa essentially denying the African Campaign to the Axis.

    US has built up a monstorous fleet in the Pacific and is looking within the next two turns or so to wipe out most Japanese combat power, enabling ANZAC to island hop and secure key terrain.

    Russia is in a constant retrograde, nearly pushed back to Moscow, though through the German purchases, it looks like Germany is going to let USSR hide in Moscow whilst it blitzes through the rest of the Soviet Union and adds all those additional IPCs.

    Japan is in a tough spot now, as some minor sovier forces have pushed in northern Asia and Western China, dividing the Japanese Land forces on 3 fronts, though there is no significant threat to the Japanese forces, their IPCs are under direct threat, and they have to divide combat power while UK-Pacific builds their own.

    Japan next turn will likely spend all IPCs on combat power to defend Tokyo and adjacent sea zones, and send a minor blocking force to stop the US fleet from attacking mainland Japan from Hawaii. This will allow Japan to consolidate combat power from it’s southern Pacific fleet near UK-Pacific. This is okay as US will then be able to spend one or two more turns building up combat power completely wipe out Japanese naval forces OR if all things go well, maybe even take Tokyo.

    Though at that point, US will be around 80 IPCs, as will Germany, and Moscow will likely have fallen at that point, and London shortly thereafter.

    Germany continues to purchase Naval assets now as it’s wave of land forces sweep across the Soviet Union. UK may be able to hold but they are 1/3 the economic power that Germany is.
    I (as the US) could get reinforcements there but I’d have to build up a pretty significant Atlantic fleet to.combat the German fleet. Berlin has the logistical advantage of being able to push it’s fleet to UK within one turn where as US takes two turns to get there. Additionally Germany is a near peer economic power so we would essentially have Naval parity in the Atlantic, but if I’m spending money there, I’m not finishing off Japan.

    Question is.

    Do I focus 100% on Japan for the next 3-4 turns and wipe it out completely and hope UK holds? Or do I shift focus to the Atlantic and just try to contain Japan for the time being while they try to achieve Parity in the Pacific, using that time to reinforce UK?

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    Hi DOC

    Sounds as if you have a fun game going. Don’t let London fall. Pretty sure its game over if you lose it and Moscow. Build UK inf and fly US ftrs over if you have to.

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    build infantry. say prayers.

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