Heavy Bomber Limit(please, respond!)

  • RULE: When a tech roll results in Heavy BMRs, the recipient must designate a specific BMR as the HBMR. Only that BMR gets to roll three (3) dice on attacks or SBRs.
    If included in a multiple BMR raid (or multiple FTR attack) of any type, the HBMR must be designated and rolled for with a specific roll(including AA guns.)

    The group I usually play against has used this rule for years. We find that it gives a great advantage, without overdoing it , and still gives the opponent a chance to strike back.

  • 😮 I find it hard to believe no one commented. :-?
    What’s wrong with it if you don’t like it!?! :evil: :-? :roll:

  • well i’ll just say that that seems like a possible idea, might change bid levels. Also what about only 1 sbr hb raid per turn? Otherwise they are unlimited.

  • Does it happen so often in your games that a force receives heavy bombers, that you have to make additional rules for them? I understand that HB can pretty turn the tide of the war and anyone with HB will greatly increase its chances of winning.
    BUT bombers are expensive as is and the opponent should put all forces into nabbing the already existing bombers.
    My verdict: leave as is.

  • In_k, sorry! Guess I wasn’t clear.
    It would be a solo HBMR unit. NOT ALL bmr Become HBMR. The HBMR would have the same limitation(one activity… SBR, attack or attack support.) However it would be noted with a country ID chit under it. In HBMR attacks the defender would have a specific die roll to see if it was hit rather than defender choosing. If destroyed by AA gun, tran defending fire or whatever the player could build another HBMR at the 15 IPCs cost on his next build. Standard bmrs could continue to be built at any time.

    m_00, I must disagree! A one HBMR SBR can result in a 3-18 IPCs loss to the defender… a two HBMRs SBR can result in a 6-36 IPCs loss to the defender. The averages would be a 10.5 IPCs defender loss for a one HBMR SBR and 21 IPCs defender loss for a two HBMRs SBR. This is too drastic a swing.
    **I think it leans more toward encouraging a desperate attempt, via technology rolls(weapons development)at the beginning or end of the game, to change the expected outcome.

    Note: I also believe that the weapons development of Industrial Technology should be altered. When purchasing inf the cost should be 5 IPCs for 2 inf. If you wish to purchase one inf or an odd # the last one will cost 3 IPCs. All other purchases are under the regular Industrial Technology breakthrough costs.
    This would stop any Axis/Ally from out INFing his opponents in 2-3 turns. Going from 3 IPCs per inf to 2 IPCs per inf is too big a swing in the game. (See ** above.)

  • I like both of those alterations (on the heavy bomber tech, and the industrial tech). But I’d let the one heavy bomber roll 4 or 5 dice instead of 3…I’m not sure what my reasoning is for this, it just seems like it’d be more menacing! That way heavy bombers could still really pack a punch. That 1 bomber could do a lot of damage, so everyone would keep an eye on it, and it would just be cool. (i realize 3 dice is a pretty big punch as is, but like I said, lol i’m not sure what my reasoning is for this)

  • i’m with m200.
    so i get heavy bombers - so can you.
    plus if you get ind tech you may use your ipcs to better value and out inf-me.
    i say keep them the way they are. If i’m kicking my opponants ass and he swings the heavy bombers than that makes the game more interesting and forces me to continue to outplay him. If he is winning anyway, then i can’t really complain as “he was winning anyway”. If it was even and he goes for the game breaker - well, that’s my sorrow - i can try the same thing. I’ve been blown out by bad luck on the battlefield far to often to cry “foul” if someone beats the odds on a heavy bomber-tech roll.

  • good point CC. lol but i only play axis and allies against myself, no one I know around here plays…so when I roll heavy bombers, oooh first exciting, then it’s “aw damnit”. Actually it’s all excitement, because I think it makes the game really interesting. And you should see me kick my own ass, I’m pretty good at it. My brother plays though, and he’ll be moving back here in august.

  • Damn, cc! Yo’re a doc,huh?
    I like the way you put your explanation.
    I bet you could sweet talk a breech baby out of the womb!

    A doctor in the house…

  • @El:

    Damn, cc! Yo’re a doc,huh?
    I like the way you put your explanation.
    I bet you could sweet talk a breech baby out of the womb!

    A doctor in the house…

    but shouldn’t this be in the “general discussion - abortion” forum?
    and some of those breech baby’s can come out clean - but only a frank breech, and only if the obs/gyne is a cowboy.

  • 😮 :oops: Well! I guess I’ll have to reconsider my vote for you in the “quality posters” forum. :evil:

  • The thing is, if some gets the Heavy Bomber technology, that country can just lay waste to everyone in sight.

    I’ve heard the rule that you limit the use of heavy bombers to two (2) stockpiles per turn, and you pay 10 IPC’s to reload the bombers. What do you guys think?

  • I like the World at War rules for heavy bombers:

    Each Nation cannot have more than two Heavy Bombers. They may be rebuilt if they are destroyed. Heavy bombers attack and bomb using three dice instead of one (except we play – only allowing them to roll two dice instead of three dice).

    Heavy Bombers must be replenished after each use. It cost 5 IPC’s to re-arm a Heavy Bomber. Heavy Bombers are replenished at the start of the player’s turn, when the IPC’s are spent, and need not be at a factory.

    Heavy Bombers are treated as normal bombers, if the 5 IPC point cost for re-arming is not paid.

    Also, if you play the paratrooper rule:

    Heavy Bombers may be used to transport two (2) Paratroop Units without having to pay the re-arming cost. However, the Heavy Bomber may only perform one Mission at a time. They cannot be used for a Bombing Mission and on the same Turn be used to transport Paratroopers.

    Mista Biggs 😎

  • here is a better Idea. The HB Tech is meant to exemplify Atomic Bombs in the game…so why not do it historically? the US couldn’t mass prodce the bomb it tooke time. why not say the owner of HB can HB a target or preform a raid on T1 of when he gets the tech, but then he has to wait every other turn to attack wih his HB?

  • gg, I disagree that hbmrs represent A-bombs. Tech developed from bombers to heavies to A-bombs(my opinion.)

  • True but that would mean that both USA and Britian should start with heavy Bombers… The german bombers were puny

  • That’s when you use German Nuclear Subs. 😉

  • Historically Inaccurate

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