An extension of the 'limited IC' idea

  • I think giving all ICs a limited production capacity was one of the better improvements made on the the classic A&A rules. However, the rules as they are now are still flawed IMHO. In a 3 IPC territory with an IC, you can produce a max of 3 infantry. Or 3 tanks. Or 3 bombers. Or 3 capital ships…

    It seems to me that an IC cranking out guns n’ ammo for a few infantry divisions should have quite a different production capacity than one which is capable of constructing multiple BBs in a single turn (lol). So, instead of capping the number of units produced at an IC by the IPC value of a territory, why not let the total value of those units be the limiting factor?

    Of course, production limits will have to be raised. So here’s what I’m proposing:

    1. Multiple ICs in a given territory are allowed (use chips).

    2. The production capacity, in IPCs, of a given territory is equal to the number of ICs in the territory multiplied by its IPC value.

    3. The maximum damage that can be sustained from an SBR in a given territory is equal to the territory’s production capacity (rather than 2x the IPC value).

    So, for example, an 8 IPC territory with 2 ICs has a maximum production capacity of 16 IPCs worth of units each turn. It could produce, say, 2 inf and 2 arm, or 1 ftr and 1 arm. However it could not produce a BB. If a 3rd IC was added, the limit would be raised to 24, and the BB could then be purchased.

    I’m thinking the cost of ICs would also need to be lowered; maybe 10 would be appropriate? Another problem is that the starting setup would likely have to be modified to include additional ICs (especially for the Axis). However, it could be neat to have a more limited Allied war-machine at the start of the game. You’d be able to force the USA to invest in additional war-time infrastructure, before the Axis have to face the full brunt of their superior economy!

    Additionally, I like the fact that low IPC territories are much costlier to develop than high IPC territories.

    What do you guys think?

  • what about buying i.c. for 3 i.p.c. and and if you buy 3 i.c. at a 3 i.p.c. value territory you could build 9 i.p.c. value of unit’s there, i.e. 3 infantry, or 1 artillery, 1 armor,

    for the system that you have made, i think that the cost of i.c. would have to be very low,

    i.e. france has an i.p.c. value of 6, if a player wanted to build 4 infantry at france or 2 armor, 1 fighter, 1 infantry, they would have to spend, 20 i.p.c. for 2 factories, or 40 i.p.c. for 4 factories

  • for the system that you have made, i think that the cost of i.c. would have to be very low,

    Yeah, I agree. After thinking about this some more, 10 IPCs for a factory is probably still too high.

    Thanks for the feedback, I think I’ll try re-costing them at 5.

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