• Unfortunately, there is no one strategy that will work everytime. The dice roll has alot to do with that. Axis: Germany has to take out Russia and secure Africa. Japan has to take out the American Navy, threaten Alaska, take India and push back Russia. This has to be done witin the 1st 3 rounds. Axis must go on the offensive. Allies will be on the defensive. From there it is just a matter of how well people roll the dice. So far, everything I have read above, there is a counter move. My personal favorite move is to buy lots of bombers for UK and and take away Germany’s money.


  • Is somebody out there making up rules as they play?
    I saw Germany building an IC on AES on G1 (T1 in the post.) IMPOSSIBLE.
    I saw Japan building 2 ICs on Australia(What a WASTE!) and it’s
    ONLY 1 IC per TERRRITORY per the rules.

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