Should the Axis put AA guns in Fortress Europe (France and NW Europe)

  • By ASAP, I mean buying an AA gun in the first or second round and moving the starting AA gun to the location from Germany, so the build goes straight to Germany not leaving the capital undefended.

    Eventually probably means you only buy an AA gun when an air assisted amphibious assault seems iminent or to go with an IC in France, or whenever you have a relative glut of IPCs, or perhaps having Italy make AA guns and shipping them north…

  • I have bought an AA gun for France on the second turn on many occasions. I am no advocate of an IC in France for Germany (or anywhere else - much too slow).

    You never want to get into the situation of trading France with the allies (especially in a NO game) and an AA gun is often the trick for making such trading very inefficient for allies.

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