"Allies vs Axis" free mod for MAKING HISTORY Gold

  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m one of the developers at Muzzy Lane Software, the company that created “MAKING HISTORY: The Calm and the Storm”, a WWII turn-based game for the PC.  We recently released a free scenario for our MAKING HISTORY Gold Edition: “Allies vs Axis”.  We are big Axis and Allies fans–it was one of our inspirations when creating MH, and we, along with many in our player community, have been itching to find a way to let players control all of the nations in one of the major alliances  Normally, in MH, you can play any nation but you can never have control of more than one nation at a time.  We finally did it, and the result is this scenario.

    It’s free to download from www.making-history.com and can be used by anyone who has the MAKING HISTORY Gold Edition.  We don’t claim it’s the same as playing Axis and Allies, but we think the scenario has some of the same flavor and challenges, and so might be of interest to you.


  • Sweet, this is so sweet! I have this game and it’s awesome, especially the mods included with and that people have come up with for the game.

  • I must compliment Chris….Making History is an AWESOME game…very cool very fun…go to the website…


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