Request Help Making Balkans Scenario UDM File

  • MOT (or anyone else who knows how to write the XML files for MapView) … would you help me make a game mod for this Balkans Scenario: Battle of Corinth Canal? All the units required are in the current 1.11 mod versions. I just need help importing the map file I made for this scenario. The map JPEG is too big to post on this forum, so I can either email it too you or you can walk me through the process and I can make the UDM file on my end.

    The scenario write-up can be found at:

  • Because DK had done such a great job on the 1.11 version, and seemed to have a more flexible schedule, I had asked him if he’d like to take over maintenence of the AAM modules.  He has since seemingly become very busy though, so I don’t if I or someone else should/would pick up that ball?


  • Thanks MOT. Yours, or anybody’s help would be greatly appreciated.

    It seems like the bulk of the units, maybe except the recent North Africa release, has been incorporated in the 1.11 mods update. These units would meet the requirements for all the great historical scenarios posted on the Avalon Hill site. Is it correct to assume that all that needs to be done is to edit one line of XML code in an exisiting UDM mod and switch it with the name of the new JPEG map file?

    I can make maps all day long (it’s kind of what I do for a living anyway). I would really like to make a UDM file for each and every historical scenario that Avalon Hill has posted. I can provide the maps for these scenarios if someone else can make the new UDM file and update it to this forum.

    I might be able to get more people to play this great game (in real life and on this forum) if historically sound, play tested scenarios with pre-set force builds are used.

  • Yes, its the North Africa units, plus some tweaks on some exsting units, and the official scenarios, that are open to work on.

    I have no problem passing the whole kit to you for a while.  Maybe that’s the best way to do it.  As any person gets free time and energy to work on it, we just pass the thing to them.


  • How big is your InBox?  Its a little more more than a single line change to make a new module, but definately doable.  I’ll walk you through it.


  • I just sent you my home email address. Thanks for your time!

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