Re: Converting images for A&A Mini Modules

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    I was messing around with paint just to see how close I could get with the M10 and the Panzer III L

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    Loses something in the translation I guess…

  • To really view the images, people need to download them onto their PC.  I dont know if its this forum or the browser itself, but attached images always look like hell.

  • I think I’m stuck on step 4 removing backround from foreground.

    Damn I never used this program b4 and I feel like it’s written in another language.

    Please help.

  • @Der:

    I think I’m stuck on step 4 removing backround from foreground.

    Damn I never used this program b4 and I feel like it’s written in another language.

    Please help.

    I’ve heard good things about Gimp, but I too did not find it overly intuitve…it’s probably just in what you are used to.

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    Hey Mot, I’ve got a couple I’d like to have you check out, where do I send them?

    Also, let me know when your done with this thread and I’ll clean it up and sticky it.

  • Use files at motcreations dot com.

    Everyone should post on here which ones they are working on so no two people end up converting the same ones.

    I’ve got a completed Panhard and Tank Obstacle.  I started Barbed-wire but its actually kind of tough.


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    I’m doing a Stuka and BF109, but I want to have you look at them to see if the quality is ok

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    I can’t find it, type slow and use small words… 😄

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    I just noticed the stuka was allready done, no big deal I’m just playing to see if what I am doing will work.

  • actually I have corel PSP on my laptop…
    I’m still stuck… :?

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    All right, now I have:
    BF 109

    and a Stuka that we don’t need;)

    I just can’t figure out where to send them…

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    lol, I emailed them to what I think is the addy you posted…

  • FYI, got them.  Looked good at first glance!  I’ll go ovet them more soon.

    I’m not sure about the scale of the aircraft though.  I’m thinking they will need to be smaller becasuye hexes are going to start getting crowded.

    I’m psyched, this is great!

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    Well if they look good I’ll start knocking them out I should be able to do at least 4 or 5 a day durring the week.

  • I’ll add the ones you sent to a module and we’ll see how they look for real.  Also, I think the scale for the Me was good, but the Junkers might need to get resized to match the Me.  Let’s see how they look in the module…

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    I think there’s already a stuka probably don’t need two, I realized after I made it.

  • OK, I’ve added them to the modules.

    They look awsome in general, and I look forward to any other your or others come up wih!

    Now some comments after seeing them on a map side-by-side with other existing units:

    I think the vehicles are a tad small in apperance.  The newer photos of units are often taken with them at an angle and from above a bit, so to match the vusal apperance of a, for example, side-profile Sherman at 28 pixels heigh you’d need mayb a 30 pixel-high image of the perspective-angle Wolverine. No biggie really, just something to take into consideration with future ones.

    The Me was perfect afterall.  The Stuka (both versions I have) by comparison seem on the large side.  No biggie, again just a comment to help with future units.


  • @Der:

    actually I have corel PSP on my laptop…
    I’m still stuck… :?

    What specifically are you stuck on?

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    I’m going to try to finnish out Contested sky’s this week.  I’ll send them by nation

  • I’ll do reserves

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    France Germany Italy and Japan Contested Skies done

    Rest tomorrow maybe

  • Recieved, though it’ll take me a while to import them all.  A few notes:

    1.  Standing soldiers should be in the 42 pixel range (or 44 if you count the white border).

    2.  The end image needs to be 80x60, so everyone can save me a step if the set their images’ canvas sizes to that as the last thing.

    3.  If possible, naming the image file exactly what the units name is saves me having to look it up in the gallery.

    Thanks so much to everyone!

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    Ok, are my soldiers too short?  I have been resizing before I remove the base, I didnt’ realise until after that this might be making them too small.

    80x60 np

    I had been keeping the names used in the gallery, that’s why I was sending them my nationality, because it was getting confusing to me, I’ll change it

  • It’s no biggie, I’m sure they will be usable, but yes I can tell you clipped the base after-the-fact.

    FYI, I’ve updated the directions a bit more.  The click-region notes have been added.  I’ll figure them out for the images you already sent, but its more efficient for the new ones if it is determined while the inages are created.

    (Really MapView should just differentiate the background from the foreground based on the mask color while mousing, but it doesn’t do that yet so we have to do it the old-fashioned way).

    Yeah, the gallery uses funky image names, I dont know why.

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