• 2007 AAR League

    does it prevent defensive fire?

  • yes but naturally only in the attk phase,
    because in the movement phase Bar has not yet made “covering fire”
    Any unit attked by covering fire may not attk period in that phase.
    Remember covering fire really only works if you win init and go 1st

  • 2007 AAR League

    I’m not sure which I hate more – covering fire or defensive fire.  Either way, it’s screwing me out of an attack is how I see it. 😛

    (Yeah, I know, it’s rock, paper, scissors.  I guess the “rock” to the BAR gunner’s “scissors” is the SS Haupsturmfurhrer, yes?)

  • I’d agree so you can win init.  I do recall playing a game with Mot where I had an SS Haupts (he might have had a commander too, I don’t remember).  But he came at me with 6 bars ( I had way more superior inf’s ).  It didn’t matter, the luck went his way and he won init 6 out of 8 rounds or something ridiculous like that.  My guys didn’t get to fire all game long :x

  • Ah yes, good times, good times  😄 :evil: 😄

    And when you play 6 BARs and you need init, which means you pay the 11 points for the SE Para Commander and his +3 init bonus

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