When is the best time to invoke Russian Winter?

  • When is the best/your favourite time to invoke Russian Winter?

    Saving it for your last-ditch defense of Moscow is a common choice.

    Invoking it on R1 definitely throws a different flavour into the game…

    Something in between, perhaps?

    If you can coordinate it so that it helps you substantially at the same time vs both Germany and Japan, you’ve maximized the impact of the NA.  Making the most of your NAs is key to victory in NA games.  I am in the middle of a FTF game where I called Russian Winter at a very ineffective juncture for Russia, so will probably lose Moscow and the game shortly… so it’s on my mind…


  • '19 Moderator

    The last time I used it was against Japan.  they had just taken Sink and were closing in.  I declared Russian Winter and threw up an infantry screen.  It stopped the Japs from making any attackes that turn and was extreemely helpful.

  • The WORST time to use it would be when you had only pickets on the frontier…

    Wait for Germany to set up the sucker play (modest force on the front with Russia), then declare Russian Winter, attack, take out the modest stack, and invite the mass of German forces behind it to come after your INF as 3’s 🙂

    And if Germany passes on the attack, reinforce the endxt round and REALLY give Hitler somethign to worry about 🙂

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