• Greetings all,

    I am in the process of finishing a new game called: Operation: Downfall - 1946. This new scenario tackles the US military’s plans to invade Imperial Japan in March 1946 on the Tokyo Plain. The Objective: Capture Tokyo!

    Based off of the historical plan Operation: Coronet, the United States would launch the largest amphibious assault the world had ever seen in their efforts to force Japan to sue for peace. Operation Downfall came in two parts. The first, Operation: Olympic, focused on capturing the southern third of Japan’s southernmost island named Kyushu. US military planners expected Kyushu to be heavily defended by some of the most experienced troops the Imperial Japanese had fielded to this point in the war. Olympic would be commanded by Douglas MacArthur and would have been launched inNovember 1945. The objective would be to seize the southern part of island to establish needed airfields in the comming invasion of Tokyo itself, Operation: Coronet.

    This scenario takes place in March 1946. Operation Olympic has achieved its primary objective. Despite heavy casualties, the US is prepared for its final push into the Japanese Heartland. However, in Japan, the Japanese High Command has already guessed as to the location of where the US would land its amphibious forces and have already started to build fortified areas on the beach and also in and around Tokyo itself. In addition, thousands of hidden aircraft would be used in Ketsu-Go, the massive suicide attack on the US’s fleet ships and transport carriers. While Japan knows it cannot win the war, it can raise the cost of victory to a level that America would not be willing to accept and thus could possibly force an armistance that would save face for Japan.

    This game is developed in the style of Axis and Allies: D-Day. There are 18 Order cards and 18 Fortune cards. Theater events are obtained differently in this game. America obtains theater events by capturing objectives. Japan obtains theater events by killing every 10 Allied units.

    There are two American players and one (or two) Japanese players.

    The United States also has a navy wich will assist in attacking objectives as well as defening the invasion forces from Kamakazi attacks. Fighters on aircraft carriers can be used to patrol their sea zones and can be used to attack Kamakazi dice before they are rolled.

    Japan will be able to deliver Kamakazi attacks in an attempt to cripple America’s invasion forces before they even reach the beaches. Each Kamakzi wave (6 waves total) will consist of 6 dice. The Japanese player can choose which sea zone(s) and invasion fleets it wants to attack. Each die must roll a two or less against a target unit (Ships or invasion units) and that unit will be destroyed.

    Cities and fortifications will add defensive value for Japanese infantry units.

    Here are some screen pics for this new game.


    More to come for those interested.


  • I was trying to access the pics, but couldn’t.  Server down?

  • @Jermofoot:

    I was trying to access the pics, but couldn’t.  Server down?

    i accessed the pictures without any trouble. but it sounds pretty cool. ironic the histroy channel is going to air  show called x-day this week. its about the planned invasion of japan

  • The server has been having problems today.  Sorry.  They’ll be up soon.

    Cyan,  I have seen the X-Day program on the History Channel.  Unfortunetaly, it mostly talks about the invasion of Kyushu in Operation: Olympic.


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