Operation: SEALION - 1940

  • Hello all, I have been working on a variant concerning the invasion of Britian by the Germans in 1940. Here is what I have so far for all those interested in this WWII variant.

    The game will play exactly like D-Day. This invasion takes place at the end of September 1940. This is in an assumption that Hitler would have continued his attack against the RAF instead of his idiotic decision to bomb London in September. As you know, the German Luffwaffe was winning the war of atrition against the RAF, and the RAF had its back against the wall. Assuming Hitler would hold off on bombing London, the Werhmacht would probably have enough air superiority to at least be able to protect the landing zones.

    I have based the invasion off a section of Britian just like D-Day is a section of Normandy. It will be a 10 turn game based on 21 phases instead of D-Day’s 16. This is due to Britian and Germany both having an air force. Britian will have 4 fighters and Germany will have 8 fighters and 2 bombers. Fighters on either side can either straff units moving into or out of zones or they can dogfight one another on a ratio of 1 to 1. Also, British fighters can also straff the beachhead boxes the Nazis will be using to cross the Channel. If Germany has fighters protecting the invasion force, it will result in a dog fight. I know this probably sounds a little confusing so I will give you all this brief overview and if you’re all still interested in the scenario, I will send more detail as I already know how the game will play.

    The game map will play from Brighton in the West to Dover in the East and London in the North. The map is already drawn, I just have to trace and scan. Britian will have blockhouses to attack the German invaders, but they would be lacking significant armored support as the BEF lost many of its tanks on the retreat to Dunkirk, meaning that the BEF and French Freedom fighters in England would have to do the best with infantry.

    Germany will be divided amongst two players: One to control Army Group A consisting of the 9th and 6th Armies and Army Group B consisting of the 16th Army and 6th Army. Each army will have 4 fighters and a bomber that will follow the same rules of D-Day except the fighters can also choose to dogfight the RAF.

    Please note that I have based my scenario off of what historical evidence there was at the time. Germany only stated what Armies were to be used, but no mention is made of number of divisions or what types of divisions would be used, so I will have to make them up as I go. Also, original plans of SeaLion consisted of Paratroopers supporting the 9th Army near Dover and the 16th Army near Brighton. As a result, the game will appear very similar to D-Day in terms of paratroopers. Also the Germans were also going to implement their new U-Wagen (U-Paner) that would travel under the channel using tubes for exhause and air intake with the tank being completely sealed. This will also be represented in the game and these tanks will be immune to strafing in the Channel or from Blockhouse fire.

    There will be 20 Order Cards
    There will also be 20 corresponding Fortune Cards

    There are also 20 Tactics Cards - Both sides (Axis and Allies) having 10 each. These will be obtained at the end of each turn depending on a die roll. Five of these 10 will help the player while the other 5 hurt their enemy. They will be shuffled and picked up at random. More to come later.

    Well, I hope this sounds interesting. For more info about the invasion, please visit my website:



    Rune Blade

  • Hello all,

    Just wanted to let you all know that Operation: SEALION - 1940 is now finished and ready for play.

    Rune Blade

  • Looks interesting!

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    Damm straight its good! This looks like a whole new concept and i hope Rune does more games IN WORLD WAR TWO.


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    6. Germany 1945 (from january to may 45)

  • Glad you like it.  I was actually thinking about making Operation: Barbarossa as a matter of fact.  Would make it card-based like SEALION.  Haven’t even gotten that on the drawing board yet.  Maybe later on.  Basically, I just make the maps people are most interested in.

    Imperious: Are you saying you’d rather my efforts be geared soley toward WWII and away from the modern-day scenarios?  😄

    Rune Blade

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