• Hi Folks,

    Well this is what I’m a needing.


    SS Panzergrenadier.
    SS Panther


    US  Condition                                    England  Condition                          Russia  Condition                                          Other  Condition

    Hunting sniper 9/1/3/3  Excellent      Vickers Gun team 8/1/4/4  Excellent            T 70 Tank12/5/4/3  Excellent                  Vet SMLE 5/1/4/4  Excellent
    Marine Rifle 4/1/4/4      Excellent        6 pounder 9/0/3/3  Excellent                    PPSh-41 SMG3/1/4/4  Excellent                  7TPdw Tank 8/3/2/2  Excellent
    3" gun 12/0/3/3          Excellent      M3 Stuart 15/5/4/3  Excellent                    PTRD-41 Ant iTank Rifle4/1/4/4  Excellent  Canadian  Infantry 3/1/4/4  Mint/Bagged
    Bazooka 4/1/4/4  Excellent              Crusader II 11/4/4/3  Excellent                    Soviet Grenadier 4/1/4/4  Excellent            uomintang Officer 5/1/4/4  Mint/Bagged
    BAR 4/1/4/4  Excellent                  Piat Gunner 7/1/4/4  Excellent                    Cossack Cavaly 4/3/3/3  Excellent              Kuomintang Rifleman 2/1/4/4  Mint/Bagged
    Sherman Tank 21/4/5/4  Excellent  Archer 21/2/3/3  Mint/Bagged                    82mm mortar 11/0/3/3  Excellent          Kuomintang Mach Gun Team 6/1/4/4  Excellent
    Jeep 4/5/1/1  Excellent                  Conc. Forward Ob 9/2/3/3  Mint/Bagged    Zis-2 57mm Anti tank 8/0/3/3  Mint/Bagged  Free French Infantry 3/1/4/4  Mint/Bagged
    M24 Chaffee Tank 22/5/4/3  Mint/Bagged  Churchill AVRE 25/2/7/6  Mint/Bagged    SU 76M 18/4/4/4  Mint/Bagged     
    M1 Garand Rifle 4/1/4/4  Excellent      Defiant Paratroopers 8/1/5/5  Mint/Bagged           
    Red Devil Capt 7/1/4/4  Excellent          Bren Machine Gunner 5/1/4/4  Mint/Bagged           
    P-38 Lightning 17/A/4/4  Mint/Bagged                 
    M16 Half-Track 15/4/2/2  Mint/Bagged

    As I just started and use Germany only the pieces I have have never been touched or played with.  The numbers are cost/Move/Defense

  • Wow man, you really weren’t joking about using ONLY German units.  Yeah, just hit me up and I’ll letcha know what I’ve got for you.

  • Hi Agent,

    Sorry didn’t get back to you sooner.  Let me know how I should reach you.  Like I said All pieces and cards are in excellent shape.

    Axis Fan

  • Agent:

    Not sure if you got my other post.  This is what I’m Looking for let me know what you have.


    4 SS Panzer Grens
    1 FW 190
    1 Tiger 1
    2  251’s
    1 SS Panzer IV


    SS Panther


    Axis fan

  • I have a Tiger and a 251 if you are still interested in a trade.

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