[G40] Hengst's "War Aims" Victory Conditions (Limited Objective Victory Tokens)

  • I love these rules. It makes the game insanely dynamic & cutting edge from the first turn to the last. Requires a more difficult starting setup for Japan (I’ll publish that eventually) & a joined UKP & ANZAC economy (aka the Pacific Commonwealth, or Cmm).

    Even so, give the US an extra 10 IPCs/round to keep up. Turns the game into a firefighting session for the Allies until the US comes in swinging.

    Definitely write the tokens down on blank cards!!


    There exist eight sovereignty tokens and forty victory tokens: fifteen in the Pacific theater, fifteen in the European theater, and ten wildcard “global” tokens.

    A3.0.1 Sovereignty Tokens

    • The Axis powers begin the game holding six of eight sovereignty tokens. The last two will be claimed after the fall of France.
    • Note: Sovereignty tokens count for neither Axis bonus income nor Axis victory, but at least six must be held to win the game, and at least four to not lose.

    A3.0.2 Token Bonus Income

    • During each Axis Collect Income phase, gain 1 extra IPC per held victory token.
    • If, during an Allied turn, the Axis lose a token (victory or sovereignty), that Allied nation immediately receives a 3 IPC bonus.

    A3.0.3 Limited Objectives (War Aims)

    • Only 12 victory tokens are in play at a time; the initial tokens are those indicated with a star on the card. These represent stated war aims in each theater.
    • At the of the German and Japanese turns, the Axis may choose to substitute a token in play for another from the same deck (Global, Pacific, European), representing shifting goals during the course of the conflict.
      • Note: Germany may not swap Pacific tokens nor may Japan European.
    • Optional (Blitz Mode): Before the start of the game, the Axis players choose which tokens will be in play (select 5 European, 5 Pacific, and 2 Global) & permit no substitution thereafter.
    • Optional (Secret Blitz): The same as above, but do not reveal the tokens selected.

    A3.0.4 Axis Victory Conditions

    • To win as the Axis, you must hold six sovereignty tokens AND the same five theater-specific victory tokens for a full round.
    • If these conditions are met, you must audibly inform all Allied players of such. If the conditions are still met (without the clock being reset) one round later, the Axis claim victory.
    • Note: Global victory tokens count towards both theaters.

    A3.0.5 Allied Victory Conditions

    • The Allies win if the Axis hold fewer than four sovereignty tokens for a full round.
    • If these conditions are met, you must audibly inform all Axis players of such. If the conditions are still met (without the clock being reset) one round later, the Allies claim victory.
    • Optional: If a turn limit is being used, the Allies win by default at the end of the last round.


    1. The Edo Token: Hold Tokyo.
    2. The Imperial Token: Hold Japan, Manchuria, & Korea.
    3. The Roman Token: Hold Rome.
    4. The Republican Token: Hold Northern Italy, Southern Italy, & Sicily.
    5. The Berliner Token: Hold Berlin.
    6. The Reich Token: Hold Western Germany, Germany, and Greater Southern Germany.
    7. The Parisan Token: Hold Paris.
    8. The Vichy Token: Hold Normandy/Bordeaux, France, and Southern France.


    1. The Empire Token ★: Let there be no UKE or Cmm battleships on the map.
    2. The British Token ★: Hold the United Kingdom, Eire, and Scotland.
    3. The Bolshevik Token: Let there be no Soviet units on any originally-Soviet territories.
    4. The Maple Token: Hold any Canadian territory.
    5. The Panama Token: Hold Central America.
    6. The South America Token: Control one originally unaligned neutral territory in South America.
    7. The California Token: Have a battleship or aircraft carrier in SZ10.
    8. The Washington Token: Have a battleship or aircraft carrier in SZ101.
    9. The America Token: Take any one of the Western United States, the Central United States, or the Eastern United States.
    10. The Economy Token: Axis powers’ combined income (on the income tracker) is greater than 120 IPCs.


    1. The Colonial Token ★: Control Jehol, Shantung, Kiangsu, & Anhwe; and let there be no more than 5 Chinese units in any territories adjacent to them.
    2. The China Token: Hold all originally-Chinese territories.
    3. The Coastal Token ★: Control SZs 6W, 19, 20, 36, & 37 & all territories touching them.
    4. The ABDACOM Token ★: Let there be no Allied CA, CVs, or BBs in SZs 37 & 41-45.
    5. The India Token: Hold Burma, India, and West India.
    6. The Island Token ★: Hold the Philippines, Guam, Wake Island, Midway, and all originally-Japanese islands.
    7. The North Pacific Token: There are no Allied surface warships and no Allied islands within two seazones of SZ 6W.
    8. The Honolulu Token: Own an ArmB in Hawaii.
    9. The Melanesian Token: Have at least one land unit on each of New Britain, the Solomons, and New Hebrides.
    10. The Sydney Token: Hold New S. Wales and let there be no Allied surface vessels in SZ 62.
    11. The Australia Token: Let there be no Allied land units on an Australian territory (W. Australia, N. Territory, S. Australia, Queensland, NSW, and Victoria).
    12. The North Front Token: Control Korea & Manchuria and let there be fewer than 6 Soviet land units adjacent to Japanese-held territories.
    13. The Siberian Token: Let there be no Russian infantry on originally-Mongolian or Russian territories on the Pacific board.
    14. The Dominance Token ★: Have at least twice as many capital ships (battleships and/or carriers) as the Allies on the Pacific board.
    15. The Expansion Token: Let Japan control 8 original (may not have been built since the start of the game) operational naval bases.


    1. The Atlantic Wall Token ★: Let there be no Allied units in continental Europe (excluding Russia) & have at least four land units on four of five: Normandy, Belgium, W. Germany, Denmark, and Norway.
    2. The Balkan Token ★: Have at least two infantry on each of Yugoslavia, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, and Greece.
    3. The Norway Token: Germany can claim its Iron NO and has a transport in SZ 125.
    4. The Molotov Token ★: Let there be fewer than 2 Soviet units in any Soviet-controlled territory adjacent to German units.
    5. The Russia Token: Capture or disable any three originally-Soviet industrial complexes.
    6. The Kremlin Token: Control Moscow and three of the five territories adjacent to it.
    7. The Ural Token: Control Novosibirsk and from there, be able to trace a cooperating land route back to Berlin.
    8. The North Africa Token ★: Control Malta and let there be more Axis (not Vichy) ground units than Allied ground units in North Africa.
    9. The Mediterranean Token: Close either the Suez Canal or the Strait of Gibraltar, AND either (a) control all Mediterranean islands (Malta, Cyprus, and Crete, Corsica/Sardinia, and Sicily) or (b) let there be no Allied vessels in the Mediterranean.
    10. The Wolfpack Token ★: Have warships in each of SZ 117, 118, 107, and 108.
    11. The Blockade Token: Have a surface warship in SZ 109.
    12. The Kriegsmarine/Regia Marina Token: Have any 3 battleships or aircraft carriers not in either the Baltic Sea or the Mediterranean.
    13. The Iberia Token: Hold Portugal, Spain, and Gibraltar.
    14. The Scandinavia Token: Control the Baltic and every territory adjacent to it.
    15. The Ottoman Token: Control the Black Sea and every territory adjacent to it.

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