• The Hard AI will execute specific strategies well, but has some interesting blind spots. Countering Middle Earth it amassed a German force of almost 80 at Stalingrad, leaving Russia surrounded but holding on in Moscow and declared war on the neutrals to come through Turkey. However after the British broke through in the Balkans, rather than pull that force back to protect the homeland in push into the Middle Eastern factories it just continued to use them to hold the Caucasus/Stalingrad bonuses until they were eventually surrounded and wiped out by the Russian stack they allowed to build up. Seems like the Hard AI may have a little too much value allocated to the National Objectives.

  • @nishav yeah AI is one area that is fairly resource-intensive to develop there have been some recent improvements but not sure what the current state of hard AI is the main guy who was working on it hasn’t been around as much until very recently. i do know that it basically follows a flowchart of strategic priorities which definitely has some blind spots.

    i do know that they have been working on a new AI in the latest prereleases called ‘Flow AI’ but i’m not really sure what the difference is.

    if you would like to contribute i would suggest that you either join the github project or give your input over at the triplea forum. 🙂

  • @ubernaut ooooo flowcharts, you got a link?

    Reckon I’ll head over to TripleA’s forum.

  • @aardvarkpepper i had a link for a github page that outlined it but it died at some point 😞

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