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  • Ok me and my friends began a game last night.  I am japan and my rommie is axis vs two of our friends.  Basically this game has been a disaster for the axis.  Poor roles from the beginning caused the british fleet to obliterate all of my caroline navy and most of my airforce (yes you read that right, virtually 3-4 1s were rolled by the british trannies, it was ridiculous).  Britain decided to put an IC in india due to early control of that waterway and it has been successfully kept due to pressure on japan.  The allies didn’t set up a good transport system so we were able to compensate for the time japan lost with some good germany roles and some sneaky moves on japans part.  The board now basically looks like this.  Western Europe has fallen due to poor defense from germany.  It has been kept a turn and this turn britain will put up an IC in Western Europe.  There is no way germany could attack it, at most he could bring 4 planes and 15-17 infantry but there is a sizeable force there (10-15 brit/usa infantry and artillery, 5-7 tanks). Germany has a huge force next to the caucus (like 10 tanks, 15 infantry), but they are going to push everything back into moscow.  Japan is also on Moscows door with at least 10 tanks in range, and more infantry a space away.  Britain is still strong with its stupid IC in india but I guess he is going to let it go since he is the one that has to build and IC in Western Europe.  America has a poor transport system in place and can’t get more reinforcements into Western until 2 turns later.  Africa is also back under allied control.  What should we do?  Should my roommate push an attack into Western and move his large force threatening caucus back towards germany to help?  should I forgo attacking moscow as well and fly planes into germany to help with defense?  I really don’t know what our best options are.

  • Germany needs to stop sending forces East and start massive defense of Berlin.  Both Germany and Japan need to make there push on Moscow NOW.

    If either side cracks Moscow, you are OK.  If the 1-2 attack fails, you are toast.  Also, if Germany has AF left, then you can do a 1-2-3 attack on Moscow, Germany, then Japan, then remaining German forces with AF support.  Japan may even be able to eek out a small 4th attack.  But if it goes that far you are in trouble even if Moscow falls.

    Forget Western.  Prepare to gve up Southern as well.  Germany now is building to keep Berlin alive until the attacks on Moscow succed or fail.

    Then Japan better get her AF to Berlin and start sending her Moscow area troops to help Germany out…

  • 2007 AAR League

    you dont say how many forces are in russia, give it the 1-2 punch then see where you stand

  • '10

    Like tcnance says, you haven’t told us how strongly Russia is held.  If you have a chance of taking Russia with a 1-2 punch, just build defensive units in Germany/Southern Europe.  If you don’t think you can crack Russia within the next turn, send most of your tanks back to Germany, as many as you can without making your Caucasus garrison defensively weak.Â

    Do not attack W.Europe this turn if you don’t think you can push them to the sea.  Wait until next turn when your tanks from Caucasus are in range, and your newly built infantry can be used as fodder.

    Pushing the Western Allies out of Western Europe is more important than threatening Russia.  Leave that to Japan.

    EDIT: I just re-read your post and noticed that your forces are next to caucasus, not in it.  Still, it all depends on which territory next to caucasus you are talking about…  Details, details, details…  😉

    I also just re-read that Africa is under allied control, so UK, who owns the factory in France, would have a decent income.  This throws most of what I was talking about out the window, since UK will be able to make a decent defensive purchase next turn and place the units directly in France.

  • Yep… unless Moscow can be knocked out THIS turn, the Axis is toast…

  • We can’t retake moscow, they have too many forces,not sure of the numbers, but here is what can happen.  Germany can move its tanks into germany in one turn, that would be 10-15 tanks back in germany.  From there germany can hit western europe the second turn with 20+infantry, 4 planes, 15 tanks.  They can hit it before britain even gets to use a factory should one put it up.  I almost think germany can get them out of there.  Prior to that Russia will have thought we are going to attack moscow, so it will push all of its troops out of caucus and into moscow.  Germany can use the infanty next to caucus to move into and overtake the caucus (he has like 10 infantry there since they don’t think he is going to pull back his tanks).  I can move japaneses tanks into the caucus on my turn (at least 10 maybe more).  I think it really depends on what germany can do to the force in Eastern to prevent them from building an IC on german shores.  I can reinvade america again on my turn taking both western and alaska to annoy the transport system in place by america.  This is a thought, a last ditch desperation move that I think might actually be able to be pulled off.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Your strategy seems sound, definitely take the caucasus with the Germany infantry and reinforce with everthing japan can get there including planes. Keep moving Japanese forces towards Moscow/Caucasus.  Move the German tanks & fighters back to Germany and bolster your defence with Infantry & some artillery.  Definitely make the landings in Alaska & W. US (that’s 12 IPC for japan & will force the US to respond).  A few more details would be helpful. 
    1. How much money does Germany have.
    2. Do the US or UK have additional forces they can land in Western Europe before you can attack.
    3. How many forces does Russia have and where.
    4. What forces does Japan have on the Mainland and where are they, do they have any IC’s.
    5. What about your Northern Flank (Norway, Karellia) and Forces in the Med.

  • Germany is fine money wise, right now they have pushed russia back so the only german lost territory is norway/western.  The us has a poor transport system so it will take them at least 2 turns to get more troops into western europe.  Britain has a transport system so they could technically get 8 more troops into western before germany can attack it.  Russia has a sizeable number of troops but they are only located in caucus and moscow and most of the army consists of infantry.  Japan has an ic in kwang but has a lot of forces spread out across russia and in siankiang and china.  A large group of infantry/tanks/planes in yakut.  Its hard to guess the numbers.  Either way thanks for the help, I think I have the plan that we are going to execute.  Maybe we can pull off a miracle.  We have the troops, we just need the rolls.

    I am thinking if the game unfolds how I think it will, I will be able to move another 10/15 japan tanks into germany from caucus once we overtake it.  Should help germany out a ton.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Good luck with your strategy, I don’t think things are as grim as you make them out.  In any case let us know how it went.  One last thought, if you have 20+ Infantry in Germany to attack western I’d definitely invest heavy in Artillery, every 1 artillery you buy gives you two attacks at 2 (1 inf, 1 art).

  • thats true, maybe I will tell him next turn to just purchase like 7-8 art pieces.

  • no its really not amazingly bad.  and that is just because they don’t have a true system in place for transporting and the axis has a lot of troops still on the board.  it is really going to come down a lot to dice rolls and some solid execution

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