• Here is my probleme. My version of the game is a french version and I have recently becam aware that my initial setup for the naval units is not the same as everyone.

    For exemple:

    Germany have in S05  1 battleship , 2 transports , 2 submarins , 1 destroyer
                        in S13   1 submarin

    United Kingdom have in S14   1 Battleship , 1 transport
                                    S02   1 transport
                                    S41   1 transport , 1 submarin
                                    S31   1 aircraft carrier with one plane , 1 transport, 1 destroyer
                                    S21   1 destroyer
                                    S19   1 Battleship

    And for the naval fleet of japan , USA and also (the great and mighty fleet ) of Russia seem good.

    I need help please and fast because I have a game tonight. I want to know if my version is ok and if not where can i have a print of the reference chart

  • Germany:

    SZ5: 2 SUB, 1 TRN, 1 DST
    SZ8: 1 SUB
    SZ14: 1 BB, 1 TRN


    SZ1: 1 TRN
    SZ2: 1 TRN, 1 BB
    SZ13: 1 BB
    SZ15: 1 DST
    SZ35: 1 TRN, 1 DST, 1 CV w/ 1 FTR
    SZ40: 1 SUB, 1 TRN


    SUB = submarine
    TRN = Transport
    DST = destroyer
    CV = Air craft carrier (US navy abbrev.)
    FTR = Fighter

    Have fun,

  • WTF are the French doing ? LOL!! 😄

  • Maybe they are Vichy France and want aid Aixs  😄 You know, that baltic BB for germans can really help for Sea Lion, specially with instant tech  😄

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