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    Not sure why I started thinking about this…

    In chess (as far as I know) you only have 1 rating even though there are two sides to play. Yet in A&AO you have a separate rating for each side. Let’s say for the sake of argument you need a 80% win rate to be a platinum player. So how can you maintain an 80% win rate against people who also have to win 80% of the time? Having 80% for one side would seem to imply that the other can be 20% at best. I’m presuming this can only be possible if a loss lowers your score far less than a win does, but it still seems odd.

  • You don’t need an 80% win rate to become Platinum. Many Platinum players have about 2X/X wins/defeats. Everything depends not on your percentage but the rating of the opponents you win and lose against.

  • The win/loss record of each player in the rankings should be able to be viewed

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