• There is a rule that states you can build new sea units in a hostile seazone and that doing so does not initiate combat since the combat phase has passed.  Does this move then force the player who was already in the seazone to attack on their next move.  I couldn’t find it in the book and we were split down the middle on whether the German player had to attack the newly purchased British fleet.  Any advice would help a lot

  • It is clarified in Larry Harris Tournament Rules.

    To use an example…
    Germany has ships in SZ7.
    UK builds a ship in SZ7 on their turn.

    When Germany’s next turn comes around, they must either LEAVE SZ7 7 in Combat Movement (even if they do not move into new combat) OR they engage the UK ship.

    There are also some interesting elements of this that impact BB’s and what units can land where frm Transports.

    You can read the revised rules at this link…

    The part that deals with this is about half way down.

  • Okay,
        So they don’t have to fight if they don’t want to.  That will be good to know for next time.  Thanks

  • But to not fight, the German units (usign the example above) have to leave in their COMBAT movement phase.  That is a key point…

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