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    As I understand from another topic all original ICs have unlimited production. Then it must be possibly to place an IC at any island and afterwards (the round after) place/produce lots of new units at the island even if the island does not produce IPCs.

    Is this right or have I missed something??  :?

  • Your almost right,

    It is right that all original IC’s has unlimited production.
    US is the only contry that can produce IC’s and all IC’s bought has limited production equal to the corresponding countrys IPC production.

    Also note that the sinkiang complex can only produce chinese infantry.
    I have seen some interesting strategies with producing a US army of tanks there and pushing the Japanese out of the mainland  :lol:

    Regards, and welcome to the forum…

  • Hi there!

    Only original ICs have illimitate production rate as stated in the FAQs listed down here

    taken from Avalon Hill site.

    Wich means only those ICs that are on the planboard at the beginning of the match.

    Any other ICs US forces might buy has limitated production rate.

    Read down here or visit FAQs page on avalon Hill site : )

    Best wishes

    Industrial Centers and Placing New Units

    Only the US can buy industrial complexes. Does this mean that once a non-US industrial complex is destroyed, that country can’t build or buy any more and is pretty well out of the war?
    Industrial complexes can’t be destroyed, only captured. As each country has an industrial complex in its capital, it can’t lose all its industrial complexes without losing its capital. When that happens, it is likely that that country has pretty well had it. It’s also likely that the game will end soon.

    Where can Industrial Complexes be built?
    Only the US can build ICs, and they can only be built in territories that are blue (US) or brown (Japanese) AND under US control.

    Can you place naval units in Hawaii? Page 25 states “Naval units acquired during phase 1 are now placed in sea zones adjacent to your home territory.” Is Hawaii considered US home territory?
    Yes, the US can build all types of units in Hawaii. “Home Territory” was a poor choice of words. They are subject to the usual restrictions; units can only be placed in territories (or sea zones adjacent to territories) that were owned since the start of the player turn.

    So can the USA spend all 75 IPCs building units in Hawaii if it so chooses?

    Is there a limit to how many units can be placed at a particular industrial complex?
    Sometimes. Any number of units per turn can be placed at an IC that the player owned at the start of the game. If the IC was captured or was built during the game, then the number of units placed there per turn can’t exceed the territory’s IPC value. If the IPC value is 0, then an IC can’t be built there. (A common house rule, brought over from the original Axis & Allies, is that ICs can be built in 0 IPC territories and one unit per turn can be placed there. This is not an official rule, but its use seems to be widespread. Assume this modified rule is not in effect unless all players agree to it beforehand.)

    The rulebook states the US marines cost 4 IPCs, but the US reference card shows them costing 3 IPCs. Which is it?
    Marines cost 4 IPCs, not 3. The book is right, the chart is wrong.

    Can you build one naval piece in an enemy-controlled sea zone specifically to cause combat and prevent Shore Bombardment?
    Yes. This may seem sneaky, but it’s legal. Sometimes, it’s an excellent tactic.

    What is the significance of the Burma road?
    China receives an additional infantry unit if the Burma road is open at the start of the Chinese turn.

    If Chinese forces capture French Indochina or Siam, can the US build an industrial complex there?
    No, not if all the land forces involved in the capture were Chinese. If a joint Chinese/US land force captures the territory, then it can go to either country. If it goes to the US, then an IC can be built there and on the following turn, US units can be placed there. There must be US land forces physically in the territory when it is captured for it to be controlled by the US (and the same thing applies to China). If the only US units involved were air units, or all US land units were killed in the battle, then the US can’t take possession. (The territory isn’t “captured” until all Japanese units are destroyed, so US units that die before the battle is won are not involved in the “capture.”)

    What can the US build in Szechwan?
    Nothing. The US/China player can build only Chinese infantry in Szechwan. If the Japanese capture Szechwan, however, they can place one unit there per turn, the same as at any captured industrial complex.

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