My hypothesis on why most games are the"same old, same old"

  • I think that there arent enough territories, the way i see it is that if there were more territories there would be more variety in outcomes in battles, for instance if there was like 10 territories on the russia-germany battlefront, there is a good chance that in “dice-roll” wise there will be amazing victories and amazing defeats, thereby allowing players to have the need to capitalize on certain situations and chane up the strategy.

    But lo, axis and allies is made for the general “consumer” who likes to have fun, and we, the ones who study moves and do complicated math, are most likely the minority. so that is why i (truly) think the game is pretty bland to us but fun to others.’

    All and all, i the answer is simple enough… when you get to a certain point, the game is just not complicated enough.

  • it’s up to you:

    there are many strategy games that go beyond the level of A&AR…
    so, you should try to find and play these games!

    By the way: about increasing the territories? this doesn’t make things more complicated…
    If you look at the difference between A&A and A&AR: there have been modifications in this order…
    but I think it didn’t made the game more complex at all.
    It is more balanced now…

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