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  • Hello everyone.
    Since my friends use air forces a lot, I think here’s something I need to know…
    hope you guys can help me XD"

    so, for the air units:

    Q1. if a fighter is attacking Western Europe from UK, how many steps does the fighter need?
          (I would say 2: SZ6/7 and then WE. Is that right?)

    Q2. if a fighter is attacking D.C. from Western Europe, how many steps does it need?

    Q3. if a fighter is attacking Japan from L.A, then how many steps will it take? (fly over Midway island)

    Q4. if a fighter is attacking French Indochina from Australia, how many steps does it need?

    Q5. what about it’s attacking East Indies from Australia?

    thank you, I’m so confused about the steps that fighters need, especially when they are passing the SZ and fly over the islands.

  • the island is a seperate space from the sea zone, if flying past it, don’t count the island but if attacking it then count it as another movement point (then one more to fly back to the surrounding sea zone).  i don’t have a map in front of me so i can’t tell you exact numbers of movement points other than western europe .

  • thank you for heping  😄

    so what about an air unit is landing? it counted as attacking too?
    (the island was occupied already.)

  • Every line that an aircraft crosses during both Combat and Non-Combat is a move.

    So to answer your specific questions:
    #1:  That is 4 moves:  2 IN to Western and 2 BACK to UK
    #2:  NOT POSSIBLE with regular Fighers  A Bomber could make the flight IF the Axis controlled Eastern Canada or Central US for the bomber to land (it is 5 spaces from Western to Washington by air).  With Long Range Aircraft technology, FIGs could attack Eastern US if Axis held either Eastern Canada, Central US, or had a carrier in SZ10 for them to land on.  A Bomber could reach if any North American territoy was held by the Axis for it to land in
    #3:  the FIG would actually not fly OVER Midway, it would fly through the sea zone.  Also, NOT POSSIBLE with regular FIGs.  Even with Long Range Aircraft technology, an AC would still be needed in either SZ60 or 61 for the FIGs to land on if taking off from Western US.
    #4:  NOT POSSIBLE with regular FIGs (is 4 spaces just to reach FIC).  With Long Range Aircraft technology, could be done with an AC in any of the following SZs:  35, 36, 59, 37, 48, 49.  OR with the Allies (assuming Allied figs in Australia) controlling any of India, Persia, China, Sinkiang, Manchuria, Kwangtung
    #5:  A regular FIG could reach IF there was an AC in SZ37 to land on (it is 3 moves in to East Indies from Australia).  With Long Range Aircraft, the FIG could fly back to Australia, or to any other AC, Island, or territory within 3 additional spaces from East Indies (counting East Indies SZ37 as 1 of the 3 when leaving)

    Hope that clears things up.

    Remember, your Aircraft have a move of 4 and 6 for FIGs and BOMs (6 and 8 with LRA technology) and that is ALL movement, in  to combat and back to safety after the battle.  Each territory and Sea Zone is 1 space, as is moveing from land to sea or sea to land.

  • an air unit landing on a island already occupied by your side? it is a movement to the island. and if landing on a carrier in the sea zone around the island that counts as the same space as the sea zone itself.  moving from island to island with fighters is extremely ineffecient, you can only move next door and then only if you own both.  this was to make carrier necessary, otherwise there would be little need to sink cash into navy.

  • @@a so the move “4” includes “go” and “back”?
    I didn’t know that. oh well that means we used to give a regular fighter 8 moves LOL

    -for Q2, if the axis controlled Panama, it’s ok too right?

    -and for Q5, if it’s a long range fighter, it is possible to attack East Indies and then land in India right?
    (assuming I’m UK and I still have India or my allies have it. )

    thank you very much, that does clear things and helps A LOT  :lol: :lol: :lol:

    and thanks for critmonster’s answer too XDD"

  • Yes, Panama would also be a viable LZ for your FIGs

    And yes, with LRA, you could use a FIG from Australia, attack East Indies, and land in India.

  • when i was starting to play a&a a while ago, i had the same question about movement…

    i went to the official site and it was a FAQ there…
    they said something like:
    “you can move 4 spaces in total. the possible ways are: 0 combat/4 non-combat; 1 combat/3 non-combat; 2 combat/2 non-combat; 3 combat/1 non-combat”
    notice that you can only move 4 spaces in combat if you are attacking a seazone AND you have a carrier there to make a save landing (either the carrier was attacking, too, or the carrier moved there in your non-combat)

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